About me

Who am I?

I am Mr. Nobody… quite literally… Puzzled? Well, try to find out more about me!

I am a Travel Blogger from India, who works as a Software engineer in Bangalore.

Connect with me

Interested for a cup of Java or a stimulating conversation in the virtual world? Write to me at [email protected]

Work with me

I also undertake following assignments:

1. Sponsored trips

If you are looking to get your travel business (e.g. package tours, hotels, country/local tourism etc.) reviewed in my blog or on other online platform, you can sponsor my trip. Please note that I prefer a flexible itinerary as I like to explore, experience and soak in the place at my own pace.

2. Freelance writing gigs

I don’t do freelance writing, but I am open if you have something really interesting. I have couple of friends with excellent writing skills, if you need something exclusive I can help you connect with them (at no cost).

Something else in mind? Apart from the above three if you have any other travel related opportunity to offer, please feel free to reach out to me.