About Us

Who are we ?

We are brother and sister, Vidyut & Naina, who love to travel together. We travel solo, we travel with friends and we travel together… and sometimes with our pa and ma too … !

We both are from India, though we live in different cities due to professional reasons. We are Army brats who have travel ingrained in their DNA, we have lived across India and now are exploring on our own.

Connect with us

Interested for a cup of Java or a stimulating conversation in the virtual world? Write to us at [email protected]

Work with us

I also undertake following assignments:

1. Press trips

If you are looking to get your travel business (e.g. package tours, hotels, country/local tourism etc.) reviewed on our blog, you can off either of us a sponsored trip, specifics of which we can discuss. Please note that we prefer a flexible itinerary as we like to explore, experience and soak in the place at our own pace.

2. Freelance writing gigs

We usually don’t do freelance writing, but are open if you have something really interesting. Similarly, in case you have work which needs editing, you can contact us. Rest assured we offer high quality work within reasonable rates.

Something else in mind? Apart from the above two if you have any other travel related opportunity to offer, please feel free to reach out to us.