Europe Backpack Diaries

Backpacking Europe: Barcelona, Lost in Gaudi’s world
She tricked me into having a shitty (pardon my french) beer at the hostel bar. Though the brewed malt cost
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Coast of Alicante, Spain
Rushed in Alicante
As the airport bus rolled on its way to the town of Alicante I was astonished how different Spain was
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Bergen old houses at the waterfront
Bergen, the city by the fjord
  The scenic train journey from Oslo finally ended in Bergen with a welcome by a Norwegian policeman who asked
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ponte vecchio bridge in florence
Hearbroken in Florence
I kind of hit off immediately with Sadiki, the guy who ran the hostel in Florence. He was a second
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Cesky krumlov, bird's eye view
Cesky Krumlov, big caravan in small package
Have you seen the movie hostel 2? No? Well, then don’t. But, if you did have, you probably wouldn’t come
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Slovakia, ride the carousel
“How in the name of God I’d climb that?” I was in the middle of thick forest trying to make
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The Lost boys of Berlin – Backpacking Europe
“Guys, I think we are lost.” Kate said the dreaded words, something we all knew but didn’t want to acknowledge.
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Lost in Toledo, Found in Madrid
We talked about women and football, as we enjoyed a cool glass of sangria with some tapas to go in
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Train to the top of the Norway
If I am going to give you one tip on travelling to Norway, it’d be you rush to grab the
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Stave Church, Heddal, Norway
Flam and beyond – Norwegian woods
Have you ever thought of retiring peacefully to some small corner of your country but was always torn between a
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