The remain of Colloseum, Rome
Rome – lost in translation
So, what is stopping you from taking a decision traveling into a foreign land? Is it cultural and language barrier?
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Budapest Parliament glittering in the night
Hungary for adventure in Budapest
  Budapest are in-fact two towns Buda and Pest separated by the river Danube. While Buda offers you the prime
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Amsterdam – the red glow
Known for the cannabis coffee-shops and the women behind the red lit windows, Amsterdam is a vibrant city with a
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Sailboat, Stockholm
Stockholm – no rest for the weary soul
It’s been a while that I have heard such a loud cheer from the crowd. The applauds of the passengers
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Moulin Rouge, Paris
An artist in Paris
Not so long ago, I took a vow that I’d create masterpieces in each of the art fields. Sounds stupid???
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Monchberg, Old Town, Salzburg
Salzburg – Spellbound by Alps
‘Perhaps, it wasn’t such a good idea.’ I wondered as I stood freezing near the Salzburg lock bridge in the
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The Prism, Louvre, Paris
Paris – Versailles and the Eiffel
Versailles was a long ride from Paris, and not to mention the confusing train changes to get there. In-fact Paris
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Venice - a beautiful evening
Italy the lucky escape
I ate from the lunch box, brown bread and chick pea (chole with bread, ever heard of the combination? )
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