How to Reach Hampi

How to Reach Hampi – Train, Bus and Flight

You can easily get to Hampi from Bangalore and other places in India by Train, Bus and Flight.

How to Reach Hampi by Train

The nearest train station to Hampi is Hospet, which is well connected to Bangalore. There are several Bangalore to Hampi Trains available on the route. In Hampi Express Non A/C Sleeper ticket will cost you only 150/- rupees while the a/c sleeper costs 1300/- INR. The train stars from Bangalore at 10:00 PM and reaches Hospet at 07:10 AM. You can check the list of all train stations enroute here.

How to Reach Hampi by Bus

The nearest bus station to Hampi is Hospet. There are several buses from Bangalore to Hospet. There are even direct buses from Bangalore to Hampi but they are very limited. It is recommended to book the Bangalore-Hampi bus ticket in time as Hampi being a popular tourist destination tickets go off really quickly.

How to Reach Hampi from Hospet

To reach Hampi from Hospet the best way is to take the local bus. From the Hospet railway station get in a bus going to the local bus station in Hospet (note, don’t go to the intercity bus stand), don’t worry you’ll find plenty of bus going to the bus station. From the local bus station simply hop on to the bus going to Hampi. The bus service is so continuous you won’t even have to wait for the bus.

Alternatively, you can take an auto from the Hospet railway station or from the Hospet intercity bus stand which would cost you about 200 INR/-. You can get it for cheaper but that would depend on your negotiation skills.

You can also go from Hospet to Hampi by shared auto which would cost you around 20 INR/- and you can find them near the intercity bus stand. I wouldn’t recommend shared auto to get to Hampi, unless you are looking for an ‘adventurous’ ride.

Get Around Hampi

Rent a Bike in Hampi

Since the historical sites in Hampi are spread apart, it makes sense to hire your own two wheeler. But note that rented mopeds or bikes are allowed only on the other side (Anegondi) of the river (where there are no ruins) so as to protect the local auto-rickshaw business.

Mopeds can easily be arranged by your guesthouse. Usually, you would find a rental shop right next to your guest house. Prices of the moped rentals are more or less same and would set you back around 150-200/- INR for a day. The same rental agent will sell you petrol as well, it’s important you take enough as you won’t find any petrol pump around. You can do an estimation based on how many kilometers you want to roam around, keeping in mind that the moped gives a mileage of about 20-25 km per liter. As a rule of thumb around 3-4 liters would be good enough to take you places.

Note: Don’t bring your moped to this side of the town as you would most certainly be caught and fined by the local police.

Hire an Autorickshaw in Hampi

To visit the Hampi ruins you can hire an auto-rickshaw for a fixed price. The auto-rickshaw for a day trip of entire Hampi ruins would cost somewhere around 250-300 INR/- Again use your best bargaining power to bring down the price.

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