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About Us

Ola, Namaste, Hi there!

Thanks for being a part of my sojourns, hope you found travel blog interesting and useful.

I am Vidyut, as I go by my pen name, a compulsive traveler who balances his love for adventure and novelty with his full time job.

Fortunately for me I discovered my love for travel and writing early, and since then I have traveled to numerous destinations around the globe and shared my experiences through the blog.

I am the main contributor and editor here but my sis, Naina, equally loves traveling and also contributes to this travel blog.

Connect with me

Interested for a cup of Java or a stimulating conversation in the virtual world?

Give me a shoutout at:

Mail: triplyzer@gmail Or | FB: | IG:

Work with me

I also undertake following assignments:

1. Press trips

If you are looking to get your travel business (e.g. package tours, hotels, country/local tourism etc.) reviewed, you can offer me a sponsored trip, specifics of which we can discuss.

Please note that I prefer a flexible itinerary as I like to explore, experience and soak in the place at our own pace. Review will be honest so if you have a subpar offering, it’s best you improve it first.

2. Digital marketing consulting

Need help with your digital marketing strategy? Be it blogs, video or social media you can benefit from our years of experience in the field.