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The Best Places to Visit in Greece

A perfect combination, rarely seen anywhere else, of Sun, Sand and Pre-history, Greece is one of the best countries to visit in Europe.

While history geeks with enjoy the numerous ruins spread across the country, those who seek the companionship of Sun will head to one of its many islands.

Combine exploring Greece’s historical sites to finding your way through the maze of whitewashed houses, with relaxing in a beach side restaurants and treating your palate with some delish Mediterranean cuisines and fresh seafood.

No matter what you travel plan is, or intend to just go spontaneously, you still need to know these are the best cities to visit in Greece:

Oia, Santorini

Located on the eastern side of Santorini island is one of the best cities to visit in Greece, Oia.

The eclectic architecture is at its very best in Oia. The city is literally built on volcanic rock with many of the buildings carved out as if they are part of the natural landscape.

It is possible to hike from Oia town to the capital Fira, The journey takes you through the beautiful landscape.

Caldera is a popular spot for watching the sunset and it does get crowded, being early is your best bet.


The coastal town of Chania remains the main tourist draw for the people visiting the island of Crete, and as such one of the best cities to visit in Greece.

The town’s historic buildings are a mix of different styles, Venetian, Ottoman, and byzantine.

The city is famous for its Greek food, which the many restaurants and cafes of the city seem to do justice to.

Chania also has an array of great beaches such as Nea Agii Apostoli, Chrisi Akti, and Chora. Perfect for taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Chora, Mykonos

Wander the whitewashed houses of Chora, after all, it is the maze of the narrow streets and small boutiques that are the main pull of the city.

This vibrant town is known for its nightlife and the visitors have options to choose from fine dining restaurants, bars, and clubs.

The ruins of the ancient palace make for a great day trip from here. With so much to see and do here, Chora is one of the top cities to visit in Greece.

Corfu town

The little town of Corfu is known for its Venetian architecture. The Old Town of Corfu is a UNESCO World Heritage site consisting of a number of historical attractions.

A few of the well-known sites in Corfu town are the Venetian Fort, the palace of Saint Michael, and Saint George.

Making your way through the winding streets is pure fun. It’s even more exciting to explore the town during the nighttime as the sites get lit up.

For one of the fabulous views of the town and the coastal region, you should climb the city’s one of the fortresses, the new fortress, or the old fortress.

And if you are tired of all that walking around, give yourself rest at one of the buzzing cafes in the town’s main square, and watch the world go!

Rhodes City

The Rhodes city located on the Rhodes island is divided into 2 sections – Old Town and New town.

If you are pressed for time considered visiting only the Old Town, a designated UNESCO World Heritage site. A unique mix of architecture is found here, all thanks to different civilizations that ruled this island town.

The best things to do in Rhodes city include, climbing up the Roloi clock tower for a stunning view of the cityscape.

Explore at your leisure the Suleiman mosque, the Agia Aikaterini church, the archbishop palace, and the City Hall.


One of the most beautiful cities in Greece, Heraklion is the capital of Crete. As the Greek legend goes, Heraklion city was where the minotaur lived.

The city is known for its Venetian architecture and houses several historical Venetian sites such as the Koules fortress and numerous old fountains.

Take out half a day to explore the city’s top attraction – the ruins of the Palace of Knossos. While there don’t miss the archaeological museum which displays important historical artifacts from the dig site.


Located in northern Greece, Thessaloniki is second only to the Greek capital. The city is known for its Byzantine and Roman past, and there are numerous such sights here to explore.

Apart from the historical museums, you must visit the Byzantine castle which overlooks Thessaloniki.

For a different experience, visit the district Ano Poli which gives out an Ottoman vibe.


Athens, the capital of Greece, and its biggest city, never ceases to amaze the visitors

The city’s historical core is filled with sites that are as old as the human civilization itself. Some of the best places in Athens include the Acropolis, the temple of Olympian Zeus, and the ruins of the ancient agora.

Besides the historical sites, the city is also known for its Mediterranean cuisine and hip street art scene.

Visit the vibrant neighborhood of Anafiotika which is lined with a number of small coffee shops and cool art galleries.