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Traveling in Myanmar is one of most the authentic travel experiences you would do come across. Largely untouched by the commercial tourism, Myanmar is surely going to hit you by it ‘raw’ness.

Planning your Myanmar Travel

If you are solo traveler in Myanmar, use the blog post to help you get an hang of traveling in Myanmar – Backpacking Myanmar.

Everybody needs a visa to travel to Myanmar. Good news is getting a Myanmar eVisa is super easy. Fill up an online, pay the visa fee online and you are good. All the details to get a Myanmar evisa are in the blog post:


Schwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar
Schwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar

After you have arrived Yangon Airport, get to Yangon Downtown by the following the blog post: Yangong airport to downtown

If you are looking to go to Bagan from Yangon, you need to catch a bus from Aung Mingalar Bus Station. Here’s how you will get from Yangon International Airport to Aung Mingalar Bus Station.


Bagan View Sunrise
Bagan View Sunrise

How do I even begin to describe Bagan? There is no place quite like Bagan anywhere in the world! Take a beautiful Buddhist pagoda, hundreds of them of all sizes spread over a huge land mass. That’s Bagan! Best way to explore Bagan? Rent a bike or an e-bike and begin Pagoda hopping! In this blog post I share all about traveling in Bagan: Bagan Travel Guide.

With background of hundreds of Pagodas, there is nothing quite like watching sunset and sunrise in Bagan. Here’s a list of some of the best Bagan temples for Sunset and Sunrise.

With literally hundreds of pagodas to explore in Bagan, you’d want to decide before hand which Pagodas to go and which ones to skip. Exploring the tips to the best Bagan Pagodas in the blog post: Bagan Pagodas Guide.

Inle Lake

Myanmar Fisherman
Myanmar Fisherman

A beautiful expanse of water, Inle lake, with a thriving floating village, is quite a place to visit in Myanmar. Here’s all about taking a Inle Lake Boat Trip.

Inle Lake is a huge area, you’ll need a Travel Guide to sort things out. From how to get to Inle Lake, where to stay and what to see, here’s a Backpackers Guide to Inle Lake to help you plan.