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The Best Destinations in Europe

The most beautiful continent on the planet? That might be up for debate, but the truth remains that there is no place like Europe.

What interesting is that Europe as a destination means different for different travel, it completely depends on what your style or taste is. Europe has little bit of everything for everyone.

There are party heavens for backpackers, unadulterated natural beauty for nature lovers, ultimate romantic getaways for couples, theme parks and zoos for families, historic sites and luxury for seniors, top fashion brannds for shopaholics and subjects abound for photographers.

It’s impossible to see them all, even if you live there, but here’s humble attempt to list down the best countries to visit in Europe:


Located in central Europe Austria is a landlocked country so beautiful that it gives Switzerland a run for its money. Thanks to its Alpine scenery, it feels like heaven wherever you go.

The capital Vienna is home to larger-than-life palaces and museums so vast that you can spend days in. With its wide boulevards, fine-dine restaurants, and grand historical buildings the elegance of the Habsburg empire still echoes.

Austria is known for its classical music scene, with Salzberg being the birthplace Of the genius musician Mozart. The city hosts classical music events throughout the year that every music enthusiast should attend at least once.

If you want to get away from it all Austria has tiny villages tabbed away in the Alps, located by the side of beautiful lakes.


With cities parched on the long rugged coastline, Croatia is one of the best countries to visit in Europe.

The architectural brilliance of its royal past can be seen in charming medieval towns.

The best way to experience these is of course wandering aimlessly through the maze of streets and stopping for the odd coffee breaks in the open-air cafes.

Any typical Croatia itinerary will include Dubrovnik at the very top, the city which featured prominently in the hit TV series Game of Thrones.

Croatia is also known for its natural beauty. Many visit Plitvice National Park for its gorgeous waterfalls and lakes.


Lake Bled, Slovenia

Bound on one side by the Adriatic ocean and the Alps on the other, it is difficult to come across a country as beautiful as Slovenia. Located centrally, and bordering Italy, Hungary, and Austria, some just pass through it, but a few handfuls who decide to stop by are rewarded unequivocally.

The locals are quite welcoming and mingle without reservations with travelers. Gifted with bountiful nature, Slovenia is a heaven for the outdoorsy kind – hiking, biking, rafting – whatever fits your style.

To get oriented start with Ljubljana, a city well connected by train/bus with other major European countries. From the capital to the city, then you can plan excursions and day trips all around.


Considered to be the most progressive and tolerant, the Netherlands is one of the best countries to visit in Europe.

The very mention of the country’s name evokes the images of towns crisscrossed with a network of canals, people gliding on rustic bikes, wooden windmills by serene rivers, and endless fields of tulips.

No wonder the Netherland has inspired many artists, and their paintings you can see in the museums across the country.


The Fountainhead of the western civilization, Greece is one of the best cities to visit in Europe.

Laidback beaches, ruins of Greek architecture, Cliffside whitewashed houses Are the top sites to see online Greece trips. Did I mention the great seafood and the vibrant nightlife?


Once a maritime powerhouse, Portugal now is one of the best cities to visit in Europe.

The opulent palaces, the majestic castles, and the sun-kissed beaches are the reasons why tourists come and drove to Portugal.

The long scenic coastline of Portugal is home to a number of natural attractions. The many resort towns of Portugal are just idle for sailing, diving, and surfing.


One of the best countries to visit in Europe, Sweden is a perfect fusion of history and modernity. Stockholm is the country’s capital and an archipelago allowing you to explore one of its many islands.

The city is also the center of the minimalist design movement, allow yourself to have a piece of it as a unique souvenir in one of the shops in Old Town.

The country’s north offers fabulous hikes throughout the year together with an opportunity to view the stunning Northern Lights.

Many people travel during the Christmas holidays, to enjoy the winter festivities in the Arctic Circle.


France, one of the best countries to visit in Europe is also the most visited destination. No Eurotrip itinerary can be completed without a visit to France’s capital Paris.

And rightly so, as there is no equal for what Paris has to offer in its architecture and art. The Louvre Museum, the Eiffel Tower, and the Notre-dam cathedral are all fine examples of it.

But France has more to offer than just art and architecture. The lavender field of the province, the chateaus in the Loire valley, and the fine wines of Bordeaux are essential French experiences to be had.


Located in the South of Europe Italy will make you fall in love in a blink. Italy offers everything that a traveler desires, no matter what your style of traveling is.

Italy’s food scene needs no introduction, its cities as much as they are about history and culture, they exude a romantic charm. The historical city of Rome seems to evolve with human civilization itself. The lip-smacking cuisine of Bologona and Sicily will pull you in.

In the north of Italy, Florence is where the fantastic renaissance art and architecture came from. The rolling hills of Tuscany will fill your heart with warmth and love.

The Amalfi coast and its colorful villages seem to be live pictures from a postcard.


One of the best countries to visit in Europe, Spain is at the top of every first-timer. The rugged and dry scenery is unlike of Europe, but beautiful nevertheless.

Barcelona and the capital Madrid are two of its most visited cities, but it’s a trip to these tiny hilltop medieval towns that will linger on your memory forever.

Barcelona’s main draw is the quirky, inventive architecture by the genius Gaudi, But for many, it’s tapas and sangria for which they keep coming back.

In the South of Spain, you will come across a unique mix of architecture. Don’t miss a visit to Granada Famous for its Moorish design.

No matter where you go in Spain North, Central, or South you will always feel a warm-hearted welcome everywhere.


Destination of gourmet food and medieval architecture, Belgium is one of the best countries to visit in Europe.

Though small in size it has many of its towns listed on the UNESCO World Heritage site list. Eating a variety of chocolate and French fries is a quintessential Belgium experience that cannot be missed.

Brussels and Bruges are the two most visited destinations in Belgium both packed with history art and architecture. Bruges is an all-time tourist favorite and many come to Belgium just to see this beautiful town.

Gliding on a boat on Bruges’ channel network and admiring the city view from the top of the Belfry are the two most popular activities here.


One of the best countries to visit in Europe, Germany offers a fantastic array of natural and manmade sites.

The country both of stunning national parks which offer hikes for every difficulty level. The country’s architecture is well represented in its fairy-style castles, stunning cathedrals, opulent palaces, and historical buildings in medieval old towns.

Include Berlin in your itinerary for its world-class museums and buzzing nightlife. While visiting Munich is a must during the famous Oktoberfest.


The bucolic countryside and the vibrant cities complement each other perfectly.
London, cosmopolitan and modern, Bose of an impressive number of historical sites thanks to its long-drawn past.

Buckingham Palace, the London Tower, and Big Ben stand proudly as the icons of the city. the excellent train network allows you to take daylong excursions to many nearby cities from London.

Besides London, the Stonehenge, the sleepy villages of Cotswold, and the university city of Oxford are a must-visit for every first-time traveler.


One of the best countries to visit in Europe, Denmark is a country filled with Nordic gems.

With its unique take on architecture, Denmark boasts of many royal palaces and forts, all complete with landscaped gardens.

Fans of Viking history will find themselves busy exploring ruins and going through museums.

Colorful timber houses by the seaside make for picture-perfect backdrops for your holiday photographs.

While the scenery of Jutland is best experienced slowly, coasting on a cycle, hopping from windmill to windmill.