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A glittering jewel of Alps, Austria is one of the best countries to travel in Europe. The mountain scenery, the historic sites and the classic music scene put Austria as a must visit destination on the world map. Even though it can get really expensive to travel, Austria does offer better value as compared to Switzerland!

Of all the places that one can go, here are a few of best cities to visit in Austria:


People with a passion for winter sports must already be familiar with the skiing town of Innsbruck.

You can sit in the cable car which will bring you to the slopes.

Innsbruck was host to the 1964 Winter Olympics which were held in the ski area known as Patscherkofel. The town has a number of skiing area around it, all with varying levels of difficulty.

So, no matter if you are just a beginner or an expert you will have something for your liking. The lovely Old Town centre of Innsbruck is dotted with colorful houses and historical buildings.

Ramble along the cobblestone street of Innisbrook and soak in the magical atmosphere around you.


Located by the banks of the River Salzach is the beautiful city of Salzburg. The city is famous as the birthplace of the great musician Mozart, and hosts classical music events throughout the year.

Even if you’re not a fan you should see his family home for the vintage collection, so you can see the violin that he played when he was a child, as well as some of his compositions.

the Old Town of Salzburg is known for its historic architecture, and it’s a pleasure to walk on its cobblestone streets. For an eagle-eye view of the city hike up to Hohensalzburg castle.

Some of the scenes from the movie The Sound of Music were filmed here at this castle, you might remember the gazebo from the movie?

While on the periphery of the Old Town it is worth visiting the Mirabell palace and its baroque gardens. a slow walk in this lush green garden will take you through a number of statues and fountains, some scenes of the Sound of Music movie were also filmed here.

The magnificent Salzburg cathedral is considered to be the landmark of the city and an important religious site. If you want to delve more into the history, visit the attached cathedral museum.


In terms of sheer size, Graz ranks second after Vienna. During the rule of Hapsburg, Graz was a major Trade Center and the same is visible in its rich architecture.

Fun fact for the movie buffs, Arnold Schwarzenegger was born here, and it is interesting to see a museum dedicated to him.

The Old Town center of Graz includes a number of historical sites such as town hall, Rathaus. The city is known for having the biggest display of historical armory, which can be found in the Landeszeughaus museum.

The Graz Art Museum makes for a great Instagram spot for its unique-looking metallic structure that looks like an alien ship!

Schloss Eggenberg, a beautiful baroque palace makes for a great day trip from Graz. The palace is known for the intricately decorated staterooms as well as the art collection and sculptures that are housed in.


This beautiful Austrian city has a little bit of everything, cultural and historic places, natural attractions and great food.

Tourists love to take boat trips which originate from here and include the nearby towns.

Linz castle is the city’s top attraction, featuring royal apartments, a History Museum, and a long winding fortification.

Hauptplatz is the city’s central square surrounded by pretty baroque structures.

Martinskirche, from the 8th century, is the most beautiful Church of the city as well as the oldest one.

If you want to see a more recently built church newer Neuer Dom is your site. This unique-looking yellow sandstone church was built in a new gothic style. Climb the 135-meter church tower to get stunning views of the Old Town.


On the banks of the river Danube is the historical capital of Austria, Vienna.

Once the focal point of the Hapsburg Empire, Vienna houses a number of historical buildings and structures.

There are three major palaces in the city, of which imperial Hofburg is the biggest and the most impressive. Spread over an area of 60 acres it includes 18 buildings and more than 2600 rooms.

Another top attraction in Vienna is Schönbrunn Palace, the palm house and the imperial apartments are the star attraction of this palace.

The 3rd palace known as Belvedere palace is actually a combination of two palaces in one. This baroque masterpiece is known for its art collection.

Museum of Art history is another top attraction in the city. Also known as Kunsthistorisches Museum it is considered to be one of the top art museums in Europe, which houses works of art by several Renaissance masters such as Raphael, Michelangelo and Rembrandt.


Located in the Wachau valley and by the sides of the river Danube, is the pretty town of Melk.

Travelers visit here to see the famous Benedictine Abbey. Designed in Baroque style the monastery is ornately decorated. The Abbey has a great many collections of medieval paintings But the marble hall is its top attraction.


With dragon fountain as its symbol, Klagenfurt is a small town bordering Slovenia in the southern part of Austria.

Much of the old charm of Klagenfurt lies along its main street. Among its jeweled baroque buildings, you will find the stunning Old Townhouse.

If you are into shopping or just want to catch a lively scene make a visit to the city’s local market.

It is in the modern part of the city Neuer Platz, the iconic dragon fountain is located.

As the story goes the city swamp was inhabited by a humongous dragon. The sculpture of the dragon is just perfect for your Instagram selfies!

Klagenfurt Cathedral is another point of interest in Klagenfurt. Dating back to the 16th century the church was the seat of Prince Bishop. The church is known for its stunning stucco work done between the 17th and 18th centuries.


The charming town of Bregenz is located close to the border of Germany and on the shore of Bodensee.

Every year during the month of July and August the Bregenz festival is celebrated here. This is a classical music festival where a number of musicians and orchestra share the stage to perform some fine music.

Annual musical shows are held near the Bregenz Festival, which in summer are also hosted on a floating stage on the lake itself!

If you have time in hand it is worth taking a cable car to the nearby mountain of the same name. Worth seeing on the summit are the eagle observatory and the Alpine wildlife park.


A city in Corinthian province, Villach is sandwiched between two mountains on either side of it.

Top attractions in the town include Old Town square, cute churches such as Holy Cross church, and the parish Church of Saint John Jacob.

If you fancy seeing Japanese Macau, monkeys, consider a visit to Affenberg zoo, aka monkey mountain.


Located in the east of the country and the capital of Burgenland province is the city of Eisenstadt.

Esterhazy palace is the choice of attraction for the tourists visiting this city. Built in a mix of baroque and classical design, it used to be the home of Princess Esterhazy.

Haydn the famous conductor was from this city, and one can visit his residence Haydn house. Every year Haydn festival is celebrated in the Esterhazy palace to honor the genius musician.

Sankt Pölten

Located in lower Austria Sankt Pölten is known for its beautiful Old Town With buildings from the 17th century.

If you want to know more about lower Austria it is probably a good idea to visit the lower Austria museum, a popular attraction in Sankt Pölten.

In this blog we the very best that Austria has to offer, hope you found it useful.