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South East Asia


Most visited Asian country? or may be the most visited on the whole planet?

One of the best countries to visit in Asia, Thailand, as they say, is the land of Smiles.

‘Sawadika’ with folded hands is how one gets greeted in around the country.

No matter what your travel style is – backpacker, family, luxury – you will find plenty of things to do in Thailand.

Miles long pristine beaches set admist natural rock formations, karst caves taking you to the center of earth, partying up endless under glittering night lights, shopping on whim – you choose your own adventure. Or may be do it all? And did I mention the Thai food?


Blessed with naturaly beauty and a bunch of happy, friendly residents, Vietnam is one of the best countries to visit in South East Asia.

Imagine going through decade long wars for centuries, the human suffering of being supressed by hostile regimes – and yet the country and its people have come out stronger.

Presenting themselves as a warm, welcoming hosts, meeting up with the locals is an important hald of a quintessential Vietnam experience.

Exploring some the longes caves in the world, floating on a river as it cuts through karst scenery, navigating its narrow streets filled with coned-hat weating vendors and all that while gulping down the fanastic Vietnamese coffee and helping yourself a bowlful of Po.

All part of good time that is guaranteed to remain with you forever!


A great choice for budget travellers, Cambodia is one of the best countries to visit in South East Asia.

Home of one of the most expansive temple complexes in the world, Cambodia is a country sandwiched between Vietnam and Thailand.

Add to the fact that you can easily get a visa on arrival at its land crossing or the airport, Cambodia becomes a top pick as a side trip.

Its hard to ignore Cambodia’s main attraction, Angkor Wat, but the country has much to offer who dare to go beyond. There are hidden temples, boundless natural beauty in its forests and a fantastic coastline which is far less crowded.

The slowly getting to its feet but still remains cheapest amongst all the South East Asian countries, adding to its appeal.


Probably the least traveled country in the region, Laos is still one of the best countries to visit in South East Asia. And why so? It’s for the same reason, it is virtually free from the stampede of tourists that you’d comes across other places in SE Asia.

Laos is known for its natural beauty – pristine forests, waterfalls, rivers and Krast caves – waiting for you to explore. Combine this with a string of ornate religious sites, Buddhist traditions and great food and Laos is an easy winner.

Travelers usually head to Luang Prabang for its Buddhist treasures, consider it as a starting point for a much longer expedition in Laos. Trekking in northern Laos, caving in Khammouane and kayaking, tubing in the mighty Mekong are a worthy addition to any itinerary.


Endless stretches of pristine beaches, delicious spicy food and a rich cultural heritage makes Malaysia truly Asia!

If you want to truly experience Malaysia, ditch your guidebooks and leave the material comforts behind, hop on to a bus or a local train and go on a journey to really live Malaysia.

And what makes it one of the best countries to visit in Asia?

While the capital city Kuala Lumpur is a great place to soak in country’s multicultral traditions, George town offers an unparalleled old colonial charm.

Sun worshippers find home in Langkawi island, and the mountain lovers can’t get enough of Genting and Cameron Highlands.