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The Most Beautiful Destinations to visit in England

From the cosmopolitan London to the sleepy villages of Cotswalds the beauty that England has is some difficult to comprehend and describe. Your typical English itinerary will start from London, where the biggest international airport of the region is located.

But soon enough you will move to the inner parts of England, its the small villages and historic ruins where the fun of exploration lies.

So, hang on and grab your reading glasses as we present our best cities to visit in England:


Stonehenge needs no introduction, we all grew up listening and reading about this mysterious site.

Designated as a World Heritage Site, it is actually quite easy to get to. You can either make the nearby city of Salisbury your base or combine both of them as a single long excursion.

Leaving the purpose behind the construction of the site to the experts, I’d say it is a quintessential UK destination that you must visit.

Only at a 15 km distance, the medieval city of Salisbury is an equally good travel destination.

The city’s cathedral which dates back to 1220 is the top attraction.

Walk through this quaint historic town, and watch history unfold as you come across imposing architecture, lively squares, and cozy chapels.


One of the best cities to visit in England, Bath will help you have a relaxed time.

Guess what would be your best bet on things to do at a town named ‘Bath’.

For thousands of year, the waters of the Bath has been known to possess healing qualities.

Thanks to the 40+ minerals found in the city’s waters, they lend it curative properties.

To experience it yourself, head to Thermae Bath Spa, one of the top baths, where you can enjoy a day of pure relaxation.

Besides taking a bath in Bath, don’t miss the gorgeous Georgian architecture that city is known for.

Top city experiences include visiting the 1200+ years old Bath Abbey and the Jane Austen Center, a museum dedicated to the famous writer.

Bath is also a showcase of England’s finest 18th-century architecture, with stunning terraces of pristine, white houses that have formed the backdrops of countless films.

Get a taste of 18th-century life by taking a tour of the famous old house, No. 1 Royal Crescent, located on the street of the same name.


Another one of best cities to visit in the England is the historic town of Cotswolds.

Endless green pastures of the idyllic countryside make Cotswolds one of the top destinations in England.

Spread over 1300 square kilometers, the place hosts many picture-perfect quaint English villages.

The best to experience this is by taking one of many hikes it offers, Cotswold Way, the 16-kilometer walking path is best.

To the north of the Cotswolds and covering an area of 1,448 square kilometers is another slice of beautiful English scenery:

Not far away from Cotswolds is the Lake District National Park, home to England’s twelve large scenic lakes.

Stay in one of the cottages in the town of Grasmere, located by the lake of the same name. Take the hike to Scafell Pike, if you are on a longer itinerary.


Manchester = Football. Period.

The city has two of the most famous English football clubs – Manchester United and Manchester City.

You can take a tour of the football stadiums – Old Trafford as well as Etihad Stadium.

Don’t miss the National Football Museum – known as the largest football museum on the globe!

But do you know that Manchester City was once an industrially important city as the leading producer of cotton goods in the country?

In the Castlefield District, you will come across a number of well-preserved Victorian houses, which make for a picture-perfect backdrop for your holiday snaps.

In the historic core worth visiting are the Manchester Cathedral and the Town Hall.

The city also makes a good base for exploring England’s Lake District.


Though small in size, Oxford is in my opinion one of the best cities to visit in England.

Oxford is a city that has been appealing to young minds ever since the famed university was established in the 11th century

Of Oxford University’s 38 colleges, you have a lot to see and do. Tours will take you through a passage of time – libraries, dining halls, and walkways where some of the greatest minds of the world once roamed. Oxford Tourist Information Center conducts several of these guided tours.

The Carfax Tower gives you great views of the city and is certainly worth climbing.

You can also take a Harry Potter tour to see the spots where the movies were filmed.


Located by the River Mersey, Liverpool is one of the top cities to visit in England

The city is renowned for its association with the legendary music band, Beatles

Worth checking out is The Beatles Story located in the Albert Docks area.

Visit the Cavern Club, this is very place where the band got its break in 1961.

Finally, round it off with a visit to the house-museums of the 2 most popular Beatles – John Lennon and Paul McCartney

If you are a fan, there are several tours available on offer – walking tours/ bus tours – take your pick.

Merseyside Maritime Museum, the Museum of Liverpool, and world-class art galleries like the Walker Art Gallery and the Tate Gallery.

Worth exploring is the Albert Docks, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and an important chapter in British maritime. To know in details check out the exhibits at Merseyside Maritime Museum

Educate yourself about the slave trade, which remains a dark side of the city’s past.


One of the best cities to visit in England, Windsor featues prominently in everyone’s England bucket list.

Located on the banks of the River Thames, Windsor is one of the most attractive cities in England.

It takes only a short train journey to reach Windsor from London, making it a perfect day trip. Or you can choose to stay a night here for a more relaxed trip.

medieval half-timbered buildings along its quaint old cobblestone lanes.

The city is known for its castle, the Windsor Castle, one of the summer residences of British royalty.

The city itself has a long history having been established by William the Conqueror in 1078.

Inside don’t miss the Queen’s Gallery, State Apartments, St. George’s Chapel, and the fresco-laden dining hall.

If you are staying two full days, add Legoland Windsor to your second day. Spread over 150 acres and easily reached by public bus, Legoland Windsor is pure fun entertainment for the whole family.


York is one of best cities to visit in the England, and there are no two ways about it!

One of the country’s most revered medieval churches, York Minster boasts of a rich 1000+ years history

Don’t miss out on the crypt where you can see the fascinating remains on which the present-day Gothic structure is built

A long medieval stone wall encircles the city, and walking along it is one of the highlights of the trip.

Visit National Railway Museum, amongst its collection you will find old steam engines from the early 19th century

As a historic Roman city, York has been inhabited for thousands of years


Canterbury is not only loved by many but also is one of the best cities to visit in England.

One of the country’s most revered medieval churches, Canterbury Cathedral boasts of a rich 1000+ years history

The church is also a seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury

Getting there is easy, just takes a quick one-hour train ride from central London.

Being associated with St. Augustine, the city of Canterbury has been a draw for pilgrims for thousands of years, who have been coming here hoping for personal miracles.

Take a walk along Mercery Lane for a view of the beautiful well-preserved, half-timbered buildings.


One of the best cities to visit in England, London is frequented by millions of tourists every year.

If you like big cities, you’d love London instantly. A total of 7.5 million people, 13% of the UK’s total, call London home.

Where do you even begin with a city like London? The fast-paced metropolitan city, one of the largest population centers in Europe, has something to offer everyone.

Some of the top sights that London has to offer include:

Tower of London: on the banks of the River Thames and right by the Tower Bridge, this former prison attracts tourists for its collection of Crown Jewels and royal weaponry.

Buckingham Palace: The royal palace where the country’s monarchy lives. Take the guided tour of the inside to get up close to the opulence enjoyed by the royalty.

Big Ben, Parliament, Westminster Abbey: Needs no introduction, the three are located in vicinity to each other in Whitehall Road area.

South Kensington area: Some of London’s top museums are found here including the Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Harrods department store: High-end shopping destination where you would find the latest of the luxury retail, Haute couture, and everything in between