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The Best Cities to Visit in Denmark

Though not on the itinerary of many first time travelers, Denmark certainly adds an interesting dimension to your Eurotrip. Known for its fierce Viking history, Nordic minimal design, serene flat landscapes and fabulous castles – Denmark offers plenty of sites to keep you from getting bored.

If you are short on time, it is worthwhile to at least visit the country’s capital Copenhagen. But if you can spare a few more days I’ll list down a few of my ideas, the best cities to visit in Denmark:


Located just across the city of Helsingborg in Sweden Helsingor is easily reached by the regular ferry service from the Swedish city.

The claim to fame of this beautiful city of Denmark is the Kronborg castle which is featured in Shakespeare’s hamlet.

The culture yard and the Maritime Museum are too destinations to understand the seafaring history of Denmark.

Visiting Helsingor castle is a popular day trip from Helsingborg and is worth a visit for its fantastic architecture.

Those who are looking for catching great views of the area should head to Castle Hill. The views of the harbor and Oresund strait dotted with boats look straight out of a medieval painting. Now we know how the old masters got their inspiration!

Not many tourists visit the Helsingor, making the walk through its quaint cobblestone streets a very pleasant experience.

Located in the heart of the town center is the pedestrian thoroughfare from which many streets branch away to small and large squares around the Old Town.

Now you can see why Helsingor holds a high position as one of the best cities to visit in Denmark.


Known for being the birthplace of the famous fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen, Odense is one of the best cities to visit in Denmark.

Throughout the city, you will find museums and a few sculptures too dedicated to the great writer and his fairy tales. H.C. Andersen Hus, H.C. Andersen Museum and H.C. Andersen Barndomshjem museums are the top choices amongst the fans.

Looms large over the city is the Fredensborg Castle, also a great vantage point.

If you are in the city for longer, checkout Funen open-air museum, an open-air museum that will surprise you with its sheer size and details.

The town is also known for its world-class zoo, a place that takes pride in its ethical treatment of animals.


Aarhus is considered one of the best cities to visit in Denmark and was established by the legendary Vikings.

As the second-largest city of Denmark Aarhus boasts of numerous cultural attractions, earning it a place as the European capital of culture.

It is also a university city, its student population contributing significantly to its art and cultural side. The vibrant city of Aarhus hosts a number of events and open musical festivals all throughout the year.

Foodies will be delighted to engage themselves in the fresh seafood served in one of many great restaurants in the city.

The ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, Natural History Museum, and Vikingemuseet are some of the top museums to visit here. Visit Den Gamle (Old town) to get a closer look at the old Danish culture Represented through reconstructed timber houses, marketplace, and artisan workshops.


Only about 20 miles away from the city of Copenhagen, Roskilde is known for hosting the biggest rock festival in Europe.

The industrial complexes and the skate parks stand in contrast with the historical structures that abound this one of the most beautiful cities in Denmark.

Tourists often visit Roskilde as a day trip destination from Copenhagen, though I can assure you the city demands more attention.

The Viking boat from the 11th century and the magnificent city cathedral are among the top sites to visit in Roskilde.

To get a peek of what it was like living during Viking times, visit the land of legends, an open-air museum that tries to recreate the history and culture of Denmark.

With so many sights to explore, it is to see why Roskilde is one of best cities to visit in the Denmark.


If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of tourism and want to see a real Danish town, visit Aalborg. This charming university down dates as far as back to 700 AD.

The town is mostly known for hosting one of the biggest carnivals in this part of Europe. If you dislike crowds then avoid visiting the city during this carnival.

The beautiful Limfjord which cuts through the city presents a picturesque opportunity to the photographers. The city’s museum, Aalborg historical museum, is a great place to know more about the city.

If Vikings and their history fascinate you make a visit to Wikingermuseum Lindholm Høje museum which collects artifacts from a nearby archaeological site.

A hot favorite of culture travellers, Aalborg is one of the best cities to visit in Denmark.


The historical Esbjerg is an interesting place to visit in Denmark. It is a port city that thrived as an important industrial Trading point.

The city provides modern-day attractions and activities such as shopping and entertainment. Take a ferry ride to the small island of Skallingen to catch the huge sandy dunes along its beaches.

The fisheries and Maritime Museum is an excellent place to know more about the city’s past.

Esbjerg is one of best cities to visit in the Denmark, and there are no two ways about it!


Another one of best cities to visit in the Denmark is the beautiful Skagen.

Skagen is also one of the most beautiful harbor city in Denmark. Tourists throng the city during the summer to enjoy its sandy beaches and balmy weather.

The beaches get further busy during Midsummer eve when public bonfires are held. While there enjoy the beautiful landscape of Jutland which in the past inspired artists to paint stunning portraits of its landscapes.


One of the best cities to visit in Denmark, Copenhagen is also considered one of the most livable places in the world. Thanks to the cleanliness, low level of pollution and safety.

The capital of Denmark and a bustling modern city, it was founded in 1167. A 10-mile wide waterway known as the Oresund strait separates Copenhagen from the Swedish city of Malmo.

The view of the bridge at night and the shimmering lights across the Oresund Strait make for a stunning night view.

The city ranks consistently among the top green cities and as per the statistics, it has 40% of its area under green cover.

The city features a number of attractions, no matter what your travel style is – solo, with friends or family. Top are the Danish castles Amalienborg and Rosenberg. The palaces are accompanied by royal gardens which are a delight to stroll through.

For the ones who are looking to do something offbeat, a visit to the Freetown of Christiania is recommended. The bohemian lifestyle of its residents reflects well in its gravity-laden walls, laid-back cafes, and alternative fashion styles.