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Top Travel Destinations in Czech Republic

Located bang in the middle of Europe, location is not the only advantage of this pretty country. Travelers usually flock to the capital Prague for its historic architecture and a great party scene! Oh, and the delish Czech beer, how can I forget.

Since the country is small, you can use Prague as a base for great many day trips around it. Cesky Krumlov, Kutna Hora remains top among travelers’ hot favorite.

However, if you do have time I would suggest you dig bit deeper, add a few days to your itinerary and check these best cities to visit in Czech Republic:


The beautiful town of Brno is the second biggest city in the Czech Republic and is known for the Cathedral of Saint Peter and Paul. There are a few unique museums in Brno e.g. Museum of Romani culture and 10-Z nuclear shelter.

Another interesting site to visit in Brno is the Church of St. James which is considered the second largest ossuary in Europe.

And when you’re tired of all that walking and exploring, sit down and have a cup of coffee in one of the city’s vibrant cafes.

If you want to do something adventurous you should go to Moravian Karst, with hundreds of natural caves and numerous Gorges.

With so much to offer, it is easy to see why Brno is one of the best cities to visit in Czech Republic!


An array of colorful Baroque and renaissance houses line up Telč’s UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old Town square. The town itself used to be a fortress protected by moats and the only entry points were the gates.

The chateau that replaced the old gothic castle has a charming fish pond around it. Entry into the chateau is only through guided tours, and inside the grounds worth seeing are the ornately decorated church and castle’s museum.

For the stunning views get to the tower located in the central square, the Holy Ghost church, and the colorful rooftops make for a great photo backdrop.

With so much goodness to offer, Telč without doubt is one of the best cities to visit in Czech Republic.


You might be surprised how the lesser known Liberec could be one of the best cities to visit in Czech Republic, but many are not.

Liberec is the 5th largest town in the Czech Republic and is famous for its tall TV tower. The 94-meter high Ještěd tower sits atop the Ještěd mountain.

You can either hike to the tower or take the cable car to the hilltop. In winter, the site is a popular skiing destination with pristine snowy slopes, making it a favorite destination for snowboarding and other winter activities.

Cesky Krumlov

Though small in size, Cesky Krumlov is in my opinion one of the best cities to visit in Czech Republic.

Some say Cesky Krumlov is a miniature version of Prague, but I feel the city has its own character and feel to it.

Located in the southern end of the Czech Republic, Cesky Krumlov is only a few hours away from the busy city of Prague.

The top sights to see in Cesky Krumlov include its charming Old Town with cobblestone streets and tiny bars and cafes.

While there don’t miss a visit to the castle of Cesky Krumlov, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Climb the castle tower for some of the fantastic views over the river and the town.

Also, the Baroque theater located in Cesky Krumlov is a unique attraction as it hosts only two performances in a year and has many of its original stage equipment and decorations still in their original condition!

A short day trip away from Cesky Krumlov is the popular Hluboká nad Vltavou Castle, a stunningly beautiful place that requires at least 4 to 5 hours of exploration.

Kutna Hora

One of the best cities to visit in the Czech Republic is the town of Kutna hora. The highlight of any visit to Kutna Hora is Sedlec Ossuary. It is a baroque church that houses the bones of more than 40,000 residents who passed away from the past wars and the Black Death.

Another site worth visiting nearby is the Church of Saint Barbara, a gothic Chapel that is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

As the history goes Kutna Hora was once a silver mining town that today hosts a number of related tourist attractions. It is possible to visit a silver mine and the associated mining museum which throws light on the lives of miners 200 to 300 years back.

Pay a visit to the Italian court palace which houses a unique museum of coin minting. You can even melt your own coin and buy it as a souvenir!

Inside the palace complex, you can visit the Royal Chapel as well as the underground cellar. the cellar displays a number of torture instruments and various historical records of criminal masterminds from the olden times.

Karlovy vary

A famous spa town in the Czech Republic only a few hours away from the country’s capital Prague. The town has numerous Hot Springs and there is no dearth of spa centers and resorts here.

It is the sheer natural beauty which makes Karlovy Vary one of the best cities to visit in Czech Republic!

Taking a curative bath in the city’s water and getting a relaxing massage are the top things to do in Karlovy vary. You’d love the colorful buildings in the town center which adhere to the new baroque and new renaissance style, a sight to behold!

It is worth visiting the Moser museum if you want to get a taste of the art of glassmaking in the country. If you have time, get to the Diana lookout tower for the stunning views of the town and the surrounding greens. The tower is located on friendship hill which is reachable by taking a funicular.

And if you’re looking for a day trip from the town head to the Loket nad Ohri castle, under 15 kilometers from the city. A castle with a troubled past, it is known for its porcelain collection and a unique iron meteorite from the 1400s.

Every year Karlovy International Film Festival is also held in the city. The event attracts cinema-goers as well as some of the top movie stars from all over the world.

Bohemian Switzerland National Park

Bohemian Switzerland National Park, located across the border from Saxon Switzerland National Park in Germany, is a National Park known for its sandstone mountains and endless stunning landscape.

One of the popular natural attractions in the Czech Republic, the highlight of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park is Pravčická brána, an arch made up of sandstone rock. Measuring 16 meters in height, it is the largest arch in Europe!


A pretty little town located by the river Morava, the town of Olomouc is famous for its historical sites. There are at least a dozen of them worth seeing!

Holy Trinity column has an interesting history to it as it was created to commemorate the end of the plague from the city. The baroque fountains used to be the main supply of water to Olomouc. The city, just like Prague, also has a beautiful town hall and an astronomical clock.

Little outside you can visit Olomouc castle and the Olomouc fortress.

There are also a couple of interesting museums to visit here including the folk architecture museum and fortress of knowledge museum.

Now you can see why Olomouc holds a high position as one of the best cities to visit in Czech Republic.

Špindlerův Mlýn

Špindlerův Mlýn is a winter destination and a ski resort in the Czech Republic. During the summer months, the city transforms itself into a hiker’s paradise.

Located near Krkonoše mountains, the place comes with excellent winter sports facilities such as ski lifts, hotels, and such. The slopes are beginner-friendly and one can try snow tubing or cross country skiing; while the frozen waterfall makes for fun pictures!

In the summer, adventure enthusiasts can take the zipline over the Labská dam, do long-distance cycling or get on the hiking trails.

A hot favorite of tourists both in winter and summer, Špindlerův Mlýn hold enviable position of one of the best cities to visit in Czech Republic.


Another one of best cities to visit in the Czech Republic is the historic town of Holašovice. More than just an open-air museum this place is inhabited and is in active use by its residents.

Located near the Blanský forest, the village houses more than a dozen farms, a chapel, a blacksmith shop, and a ceramic workshop. Walking around and exploring this rustic 19th-century village is an experience in itself!

In the ceramics workshop, it is possible to get up small souvenirs that workers are happy to customize for you.

For a sweeping view of the village and the surrounding area, you should visit Holašovice Stonehenge located atop a nearby hill. This megalithic circle of stones was created as a piece of art not so long ago.

Šumava National Park

One of the top natural sights to see in the Czech Republic, Šumava National Park is a large primal forest cover. Natural attractions here include pristine lakes, misty bogs, and luciferous mountains.

Hiking is a popular activity, while cycling is also done in various places in this vast 700 square kilometers National Park.

Combine your visit to include Černé jezero a beautiful natural league and Kašperk castle, both located in the nearby area.


One of the best cities to visit in Czech Republic, Prague is frequented by millions of tourists every year.

With a truly glorious medieval town, there are not many other places like Prague in the whole of Europe.

The city is known for its magnificent historical architecture which includes gothic cathedrals and baroque style palaces.

The Old Town of Prague is known for architectural masterpieces such as an astronomical clock.

Not only the old architecture but the city has an excellent array of modern designs. A dancing house located near the town center is one such modern masterpiece.

Seeing the red rooftops of the town is another highlight, and the best way to see these are by climbing the 9th century-old rock castle, the tower of Charles Bridge, or the Old Townhall tower.

Do you know Prague castle is also the biggest castle complex on the entire planet?

Apart from historical sites, Prague is also known for its museums, there are over 100 of them!

The great novelist Franz Kafka was from Prague and the museum dedicated to him is a must-see for all literary lovers.

The bibliophiles will rejoice in visiting the Strahov library, built in the 12th century and considered one of the most beautiful ones in the country.

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