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The Best Cities to Visit in Sweden

From the sleeping towns of down south to the arctic region of the far north, Sweden is blessed with unparalleled natural beauty. Charting your journey from one end to the other, following are some of the best travel destinations in Sweden:


A perfect amalgamation of history and cuisine, Visby is one of the best cities to visit in Sweden. A fascinating network of old-world structures awaits you at Visby.

The best time to visit Visby is during the famous Medieval week, you will see people dressed up in medieval clothes, enacting several events from the country’s history.

It once prospered as a medieval trading city, pride itself as an important member of the Hanseatic League.

With an abundance of medieval architecture, the historic core of Visby is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Art lovers would rejoice in the city’s burgeoning art scene. This is especially visible in the month of June when you could visit various artists right in their studios.


Fourth-largest in terms of its size, Uppsala is known in Europe for its world-class University.

Oldest in the Scandinavia region, the University was established in 1477 with the aim to build a leading education and research institute.

The University is known for many great discoveries and inventions. But Carl Linnaeus remains the most celebrated person here. The botanist has a garden and a museum dedicated to him, worth exploring to understand his contributions to science.

Uppsala Botanic Garden. This garden has its own glasshouse featuring tropical species.
Next door to the Botanic Garden is the Museum of Evolution

Moving on to the old town of Uppsala, one of the country’s most revered medieval churches, Uppsala Cathedral boasts of rich history.

This High Gothic Cathedral is also the seat of the Archbishop of Sweden.

Uppsala Castle built in Renaissance-style in the 16th century is worth visiting for the fantastic views on offer.

With so much culture and history to soak-in, Uppsala is one of the best cities to visit in Sweden.


If you are a keen follower of Nordic crime dramas then you would instantly recognize Ystad.

As the hometown of the fictional character Kurt Wallander, Ystad is is one of the best cities to visit in Sweden.

It’s amazing to think that how Henning Mankell put this small town on the world’s map through his crime novels.

The town is located in Skåne, the southernmost tip of Sweden known for its great warm weather! As history tells you it was occupied by Denmark till the 17th century.

Sweden’s best-preserved churches, including the medieval church of Greyfriars Abbey or Gråbrödraklostret is the highlight of any sightseeing trip here. And don’t miss Ale’s Stones, as Sweden’s own version of mini Stonehenge they date 5500+ years!

Though small in size, Ystad is in my opinion one of the best cities to visit in Sweden.


Located by the side of Lake Hjälmaren, Örebro is one of the best cities to visit in Sweden.

The old town of Örebro is home to interesting museums, churches, and historic buildings.

The Örebro Castle located on a river island looks mightily over the city.

Take a dip in the green landscape at one of the city’s leafy parks, Stadsparken, located bang in the center of the city.

Open-air museum fans will find Wadköping a must for its close to realistic depiction of Swedish life in the 19th century.

The aquapark Lost City (in Gustavsvik) with its jungle theme makes for a fun visit.


Located on the south coast of the country, Karlskrona is one of the best cities to visit in Sweden.

It was established in the year 1680 as a military stronghold and hosts a number of military-related attractions.

An absolute must is the Bastion Aurora, the fortress looms imposing over the city. The interesting clock tower at Amiralitetsparken is quite a sight. And the Karlskrona Naval Museum is worth visiting for learning about the city’s maritime history.

The lovers of Baroque architecture should visit Stortorget, the main square, for finest of the Swedish architecture.


One of the best cities to visit in Sweden, Stockholm is frequented by innumerable of tourists every year.

Where do you even begin with a city like Stockholm? The fast-paced metropolitan city, one of the largest population centers in the Sweden, has something to offer everyone.

Be it cultural, food or architecture, there is a wholesome range of attractions in the city.

The thriving nightlife will drive you insane, while the fashion scene will make you feel under-dressed!

Located by the Baltic Sea the city consists of 14 islands, and more when you consider the entire Stockholm archipelago.

Start with the historic core of Sweden, the charming Gamla Stan with its yellow and orange old-world stuccoed houses.

Being a port city, you can still see the historic importance city’s maritime has played in its evolution.

As you walk through Gamla Stan you will eventually stumble upon the iconic Royal Palace, the changing of the guard here is quite an enjoyable sight. Combine the palace with a visit to the Storkyrkan cathedral.

As for food, you cannot miss the Swedish meatballs (aka köttbullar). Many a restaurant serve it, pick one which suits your budget and style.

Södermalm: The hip neighborhood is known for its vintage boutiques and trendy cafés. Also featured in many movies and novels – including the famous Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

From Södermalm it’s an easy walk over to Fotografiska museum, a renowned photography museum with many permanent and temporary exhibitions


Kosterhavet is not only loved by many but also is one of the best cities to visit in Sweden.

Kosterhavet is a must-visit island destination in Sweden. It is known for having Sweden’s one of the fine Marine National Park.

It is located only two hours off from the coast of Gothenburg

Apart from the beautiful landscape, a variety of flora and fauna is found on the island.

Also, a great chance to see the sleepy fishing villages of Sweden.

The enchanting ‘Koster light’ that the island is known for has been inspiring artists and photographs for centuries

The best way to explore the island is by renting a bike. To see the marine park, take the guided boat trip.

Water sports and activities such as diving and kayaking are also popular here.


Across the Öresund strait and located right next to the Danish city, Copenhagen, is one of the best cities to visit in Sweden.

For a bite of history and architecture visit its historical center at Lilla Torget

A popular tourist attraction as well as a popular meeting point, Lilla Torget will help you orient

Then move to the historical Malmö Castle, built in the 16th-century, it is complete with a moat and large grounds.

For a more modern perspective of the city, checkout Turning Torso. A tower with stunning modern architecture, and a sure-shot photographer’s favorite.

As for pop culture, the city is known for hosting Eurovision Song Contest that too twice (1992 and 2013).

If you are in Copenhagen it’s quite easy to just whisk away to Malmo across Öresund bridge for a day trip.


Part of Swedish Lapland, Kiruna is is one of the best cities to visit in Sweden.

As it is located within the Arctic Circle it is best to be visited in winter.

With fresh snow abound, it’s fun to take part in various winter activities – snowmobile, skiing, show shoe hiking take your pick!

Staying in the Ice Hotel is a unique experience worth the money.

As a land of Sámi people, you would get a chance to get up close to their culture

As they rear dogs and reindeer for living, you could take part in a dog sledding or see a Sámi reindeer farm.

Even better, if you are there during Christmas, you could savor specialties such as ginger snaps (pepparkakor) and mulled wine (glögg).

And finally, a trip in winter will give you a chance to one of the most sought-after natural miracles, the northern lights. To see the spectacle you need to get a bit away from the city life, book an excursion to do so.


Located in the Östergötland region, Linköping is one of the best cities to visit in Sweden.

Though small you’ll enjoy the visit as most do for it is a quieter town packed with some excellent sites

Gamla Linköping is the medieval town center is where you should start with, it is home to some of the most amazing sites in the city.

Part of the appeal of this old town is walking around its well-preserved historical buildings, painted in hues of red.

Explore the open-air museum to get a taste of what Swedish life was like in olden times.

Also worth visiting is the Swedish Air Force Museum to get to know more about the military aviation history of the region.


Located on the east coast of Sweden, and by the Baltic sea, Kalmar is one of the best cities to visit in Sweden.

Kalmar is the definition of a hidden gem. Though small in size it packs its punch much higher.

Worth checking out is the Kalmar Castle, which was established in the 12th century.

When it comes to architecture, you’ll admire the Old Town, Gamla Torget, and its amazing old Swedish buildings.

Right across the bridge is Kvarnholmen island which is known for its ‘new town’ dating back to the 17th century. Stortorget square is the main square here, with the magnificent Baroque cathedral at its very center.

And it is quintessential to sit in one of the outdoor cafes, grab a coffee – enjoy the Swedish Fika with some people watching.


Essentially a small island, Öland is one of the greenest and one of the best cities to visit in Sweden.

Located near Kalmar this quaint island, is best known for offering a peaceful ride through Sweden’s countryside. The pristine beaches are a joy to visit during the summer.

As for places to visit in Öland include Solliden Palace and Borgholm Castle at the top of your list.

Solliden Palace, the summer residence of the Swedish royalty, is worth a tour of its stunning interiors.

Stora Alvaret, located on the island’s southern side is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The unique limestone landscape is known to harbor some of the rare flora species in Sweden.


Located on the west coast Gothenburg is one of the best cities to visit in Sweden. Also known as Göteborg, the city is crisscrossed with wide boulevards that are pleasant to walk on. The second-largest city of Sweden is known for its youthful energy, thanks to its University.

The top attractions to see in Gothenburg include:

Volvo Museum – Dedicated to the legendary motor company which was established in Gothenburg in the year 1927.
Kungsparken – A large sprawling urban park, great for a leisurely walk.
Gothenburg archipelago – Take the ferry from Saltholmen to reach this beautiful group of islands
Kungsportsavenyn – An area littered with some of the finest restaurants and bars in the city.

There are a couple of great events held in the city every year:

Gothenburg International Film Festival – This occurs in January
Gothenburg Book Fair – Takes place in September

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