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Yangon International Airport to Aung Mingalar Bus Station

    Best ways to get from Yangon International Airport to Aung Mingalar Bus Station

    The distance between Myanmar airport and Aung Mingalar bus station (also called Aung Minglar Highway Bus Station) is about 9 km. Aung Mingler Bus station is the biggest, and the main, station of the Yangon city. In-fact I haven’t been to such a big bus station anywhere in the world! and this includes U.S, Europe, SE Asia and India. The bus station is huge, it is actually an entire neighborhood. And this is precisely what makes it difficult to navigate as well. It is very easy to get lost if your GPS isn’t working, which is exactly what happened with me.

    From here you will get the bus to the most popular tourist destinations in Myanmar – Mandalay, Inle and Bagan. There is no concept of govt. buses and you have to go to the offices of the private bus companies located here in Aung Mingler. From the same office, you will buy the ticket and board the bus. The buses usually run from 6-7 A.M to 9-10 PM

    Yangon Airport to Aung Mingler Bus Station by Train

    Mingalardon Railway is the closest railway station to Aung Mingler, located at a distance of about 3 km. If you are coming from the airport take the circular train from Pa Ywet Seik Kone Station. I recommend taking a cab to the railway station (about 1000 Kyat) as the distance of 2.5 km might prove to be bit longer with your luggage and in the hot Sun.

    Yangon airport to Aung Mingler Bus Station by Taxi

    The cab to Aung Mingler Bus station from Myanmar airport costs 6000 Kyat. Mind you the road is very bumpy at places. And because of the busy traffic as well as the bad road it takes minimum 45 minutes of travel time.

    Yangon Downtown to Aung Mingler Bus Station

    The distance between Sule, the city center, to Aung Mingler Bus station is 21 km. It might take up to an 75 minutes to 90 minutes to cover the distance. Take bus #43 (Burmese ၄၃) which will cost you about 200-300 Kyat depending on the bus operator. You also have an option of private shared cabs which costs 1000 Kyat and are bit faster than buses. Both of these can be found located near the local bus station.

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