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How to get from Yangon Airport to Downton- by Bus, Train, Taxi

Cheapest way to get to Yangon downtown from Yangon Airport is by bus. Getting the bus to Downtown from Yangon Airport is little tricky, and involves bit of walk. In this blog I will explain how you can smoothly travel from Yangon airport to city center.

Yangon International Airport (also known as Mingladon) (IATA: RGN) lies on the north from Yangon downtown. Sule pagoda or simply Sule is considered the center of the downtown Yangon. The Sule Pagoda is located in a big circle, on the intersection of some of the most busy roads in Yangon.

Both Yangon international and domestic terminals are next to each other and you can simply walk between them. Incidentally, Sule Pagoda is located on a circle and all the public transport begins and end near to it. The distance between Yangon airport and Yangon city center, Sule, is about 18 km via Pyay Road.

How to go from Yangon airport to Downtown

If you are traveling from Yangon international airport to city center, there are multiple options available to you. You can either take a cab, take a train or take a local bus. Choose the one which fits your budget, convenience and timelines.

Yangon Airport to Downtown by Bus

First the bad news – There is no direct bus from the Yangon airport to city itself. Now, the good news – It is still possible to reach Yangon down from Yangon airport by bus, it is just that you have to walk about 20-30 minutes to the nearest bus station.

How to get from yangon airport to downtown by bus? After you exit the international terminal, take right and continue to walk past the domestic terminal. Keep walking until you hit the main road, Pyay road, turn right and you will find a bus stop at a distance of about 100 meters. The bus stop is called Sel Maing Kone (on Google map) also known as Tse Mi or Ten Miles.

The buses to Sule are frequent, and you’ll have no problem boarding one within 5-10 minutes. Take the green bus no. 51 [၅၁ in Burmese] which drops you few blocks away from Sule. The intersection where the bus drops you is called Bo San Pat (next to 30th street) road and Merchant street, it is easily marked in Google Maps. Another landmark is that it just opposite to kbz group. From here it is only five minutes walk to Sule circle. The ticket costs 200 kyat for the journey.

Yangon Airport to Downtown by Cab

How to get from Yangon airport to city? To get the bus from yangon airport to city, you need to walk a bit and wait too. If you are carrying luggage, I will suggest you to get a cab from Yangon Airport to Sule. Cab is the easiest and the quickest option to get to Yangon center from airport, given if you don’t mind spending a bit extra. If you are a backpacker on a budget, check the public transport options I have listed next.

The cab fare from airport to Sule comes around at a fix 8000 Kyat ($10USD roughly). However, you do have an option to find someone traveling in the same direction and split the fare.

Yangon Airport to Downton by Train

Getting from Yangon airport to city involves bit of planning. The nearest train station to Yangon airport is Pa Ywet Seik Kone Station, you can either walk there (2.5km!) or take a short taxi ride (about 1000-1500 Kyat). The train goes to Yangon central ralway station, from where you can get to Sule for about 200 Kyat.

The train journey takes about 1.5 hours to cover the 25 stops. The train is quite frequent and there is one every 30 minutes. The advantage of taking the train is that circular train is considered an attraction in itself. Excellent for experiencing daily lives of the local. It costs 100 kyat to Yangon railway station, and the service starts from 7:30am.


Getting from Yangon airport to City can be a little workout when looking for public transportation. Taking a bus from from Yangon airport to downtown requires you to walk for half a mile, which can be an issue if you are carrying luggage.

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