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13 TOP THINGS to do in Salisbury

    If you are in England there are a number of destinations that you’d be hitting. There is no shortage of popular tourist attractions in Salisbury, making it difficult for travelers with limited time to choose what to see.

    Amble along with me as my Salisbury blog will help you find some of the top things to do in Salisbury.

    An itinerary of 4 days is good to see the most popular tourist attractions in Salisbury. But if you can add 2-3 days more you’d be able to experience rather than ‘see’ that an ordinary tourist does. So, without further ado, let me present you some of the best things to do in Salisbury, top things to do in Salisbury and some helpful travel tips.

    1. Salisbury Cathedral

    Salisbury Cathedral

    Salisbury Cathedral is a beautiful Cathedral situated in Salisbury.

    The entrance features an elegant portico and a succession of magnificent archways. The cathedral’s importance is further underscored by the presence of the tomb of the patron saint.

    Quick Facts:

    • The gorgeous English Gothic architecture style that you see is credited to the architects George Gilbert Scott, James Wyatt.
    • Salisbury Cathedral is also known as Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
    • The cathedral traces its origin back to 13th-century.
    • The cathedral houses the Magna Carta.

    Address: 6 The Close, Salisbury SP1 2EJ, United Kingdom

    2. Old Sarum

    Old Sarum

    Offering fantastic views of the area, Old Sarum are the remains of an old fort perched atop a cliff.

    You can follow the hiking trail which leads to this old fort. Not much to see actually only the foundation stones lying bare in this historic fort ruin.

    Quick Facts:

    • The fort ruins houses the last bits of a Norman cathedral.

    Without a doubt this wonderful fort ruins is one amongst the top things to do in Salisbury.

    Address: Castle Rd, Salisbury SP1 3SD, United Kingdom

    3. The Salisbury Museum

    The Salisbury Museum

    If you are already charmed by this fascinating city, stop by The Salisbury Museum to know more.
    Quick Facts:

    • The Salisbury Museum is housed in a 17th-century building.
    • It was in 1860 when it was established.

    Address: The Kings House, 65 The Close, Salisbury SP1 2EN, United Kingdom

    4. National Trust – Mompesson House

    Quick Facts:

    • The historic house was built somewhere around 18th-century.
    • The historic house is run by the National Trust.

    With so much to offer, no wonder National Trust – Mompesson House is one of the top things to do in Salisbury.

    Address: The Close, Salisbury SP1 2EL, United Kingdom

    5. Wilton House

    Wilton House

    Wilton House is a manor house as grand as it gets.
    Quick Facts:

    • Inigo Jones, James Wyatt, Isaac de Caus are the prominent architects who were involved in designing and building it.
    • Some of the things Wilton House features include major art collection.
    • The manor was opened on 1544.

    Address: Wilton, Salisbury SP2 0BJ, United Kingdom

    6. Stonehenge

    It is understood that these giant stones were brought here from Wales but it’s not clearly how they were brought here.

    Quick Facts:

    • The prehistoric stone circle traces its origin back to the neolithic age.

    A natural crowd puller, Stonehenge is right up there in the list of best things to do in Salisbury.

    Address: Salisbury SP4 7DE, United Kingdom

    7. Salisbury Arts Centre

    Salisbury Arts Centre

    Salisbury Arts Centre is a complex playing host to cultural and artistic events.

    The center holds a variety of aorkshops, artistic presentations and musical performances. Check out online to see the events happening here.

    Address: Bedwin St, Salisbury SP1 3UT, United Kingdom

    8. Boscombe Down Aviation Collection

    Boscombe Down Aviation Collection

    Boscombe Down Aviation Collection is dedicated to the history of aviation in the Salisbury region.

    The museum visually explores the military as well as civil aviation history.

    It is a museum every aviation enthusiast will be ecstatic to visit. It boasts of a growing fleet of aircraft which you can clearly see are greatly cared for.

    Add it to your Salisbury trip if you have time.

    Address: Hangar 1 Old Sarum Airfield, Old Sarum, Salisbury SP4 6DZ, United Kingdom

    9. Salisbury Escape Rooms

    Salisbury Escape Rooms

    Salisbury Escape Rooms is essentially a thematic escape room game wherein the guests try to get out of locked rooms.

    In order to exit the rooms, the guests need to look for clues and solve puzzles.

    Address: 11a Fisherton St, Salisbury SP2 7SU, United Kingdom

    10. The Rifles (Berkshire and Wiltshire) Museum

    The Rifles (Berkshire and Wiltshire) Museum

    The Rifles (Berkshire and Wiltshire) Museum is an interesting museum located in the Salisbury city.
    Quick Facts:

    • The museum’s collection include regiment artefacts.

    If you have time, it makes for a nice addition to your Salisbury trip.

    Address: 58 The Close, Salisbury SP1 2EX, United Kingdom

    11. Longford Castle

    But since its construction, villa has changed ownership several times and currently functions as a living museum. Take a liesurely stroll on the villa grounds, where you will find a well-maintained garden, a calm pond, and a colorful ensemble of flower beds.

    Quick Facts:

    • It is also the seat of the Earl of Radnor.
    • The chataeu houses a stunning collection of fine arts.

    Address: Longford Castle, Bodenham, Salisbury SP5 4ED, United Kingdom

    12. Queen Elizabeth Gardens

    Queen Elizabeth Gardens

    Queen Elizabeth Gardens is a beautiful park located right up close to the waterfront.
    Quick Facts:

    • Some of the things Queen Elizabeth Gardens features include tranquil atmosphere featuring open grassy areas, flowerbeds.

    Add it to your Salisbury trip if you have time.

    13. St Thomas & St Edmund’s Church

    St Thomas & St Edmund’s Church

    A beautiful addition to city’s architecture, St Thomas & St Edmund’s Church is a house of christian worship located in Salisbury.

    The inside of the church is adorned with a variety of gorgeous artwork. The cemetry has got quite a few notable person buried.

    Quick Facts:

    • The highlight of the place includes the popular Doom painting from 11th-century.
    • The church is located on the market square.

    But beyond the famous attractions in Salisbury, there is something that pulls you back again and again, perhaps it’s the city’s charm. In this Salisbury travel blog post, I have listed not just what to see in Salisbury but also what to do.

    And if you plan it well, these popular tourist attractions in Salisbury can be easily covered in a short itinerary. If you have any questions or suggestions on sightseeing in Salisbury, I would love to hear them in the comments section below.

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