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Places to Visit in Wayanad in 2 Days

    Wayanad is a crown of Nilgiri hills and one of the most stunning vacation destinations in India. A popular 2 days trip from Bangalore, Wayanad is a favorite spot for people looking to closer to the nature.

    Despite having a respectable number of visitors, Kerala’s Wayanad is still an undiscovered travel destination. This guide features tourist destinations in Wayanad with photographs, details on public transportation, and suggestions for the best time to visit.

    You can engage in a variety of activities in Wayanad, including jungle safaris, hiking, camping, and more. In Wayanad, tourists can visit a variety of natural wonders, such as lakes, mountains, and waterfalls.

    List of Places to visit in Wayanad in 2 days:

    Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

    The Wayanad animal sanctuary, which should be listed in every Wayanad travel guide, is another attraction that tops the list of well-known tourist destinations in the region.

    The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is a huge biological habitat reserve of 345 square kilometers and is a part of the larger Nilgiris biosphere reserve. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, which was founded in 1973, is the second-largest wildlife refuge after Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary (777 square km).

    One of the wonderful tourist places in Wayanad for 2 days, the sanctuary is home to various wild animal species, including the elephant (the center of attention), tigers, and Indian bison (a giant, majestic bull). The elephant rides offered by the forest department and seeing the herds of elephants roaming free are the park’s main attractions. Due to its proximity to the Muthanga gate, Sulthan Bathery makes a great home base from which to explore this sanctuary.

    Tholpetty, which is close to the town of Mananthavady, is the alternate access point. Similar to Muthanga Tholpetty, she too arranges safaris to see wildlife. Unquestionably one of the best things to do in Wayanad is this amazing experience. This “ride on the wild side” is unequivocally recommended by this Wayanad travel site.

    The Wild Life Sanctuary is unquestionably a must-visit destination for lone travelers to Wayanad!

    Chembra Peak | Places to Visit in Wayanad in 2 Days

    The magnificent Heart Lake and Chembra Peak are among the best locations in Wayanad for lone travelers. The Chembra peak, which towers to a height of 2050 meters, pervades the Wayanad countryside. The climb up to the Chembra summit is no longer permitted, but you can still reach the renowned heart-shaped lake, which is, in my opinion, worthwhile.

    To access the Chembra mountain, you must obtain authorization from the forest department and, of course, a ticket. The ticket is good for a group of up to 10 people and costs 750. The necessary guide is also included in the ticket; you will meet them up front on the observation deck. It should be noted that the cost of the ticket to hike to the heart-shaped lake remains at 750 (poor you!).

    That being said, your Wayanad places to visit in 2 days must make space for Chembra peak!

    Try to find a group of individuals that are going on a 2 days trip to Wayanad so you can share expenses and accommodations. Note that finding groups hiking to the lake on weekdays and Sundays might be very challenging. On the other hand, you should have no trouble joining a group on a Saturday morning.

    Another option is to get the observation deck visitation ticket for 30/- INR, which is less expensive. As it passes through lovely tea gardens, the stroll from the ticket checkpoint to the observation tower is particularly peaceful and scenic.

    If you are driving alone, it is quite simple to miss the forest checkpoint, and you need the ticket to continue walking to the observation deck. The short hike to the viewing tower passes through a picturesque mountain with vast tea gardens.

    Take a local bus from Kalpetta to Meppady, and get out five minutes later at the Meppady Jama Masjid, which is on the main road. To justify the outrageous 200 rupee fare, the car claims that the route (which isn’t really a road) is full of potholes (which is true, btw).

    One of the top attractions in Wayanad is Chembra Peak, which my travel blog heartily endorses.

    Edakkal Caves | Places to Visit in Wayanad in 2 Days

    The Edakkal Caves are the next stop on your 2 days trip to Wayanad. It certainly earns its place on our list and I had a great time hiking there. On the route from Sulthan Bathery to Ambalavayal town, the Edakkal Caves are situated roughly 13 kilometers away from Sulthan Bathery.

    The caves are located on Ambukuthy mountain, and getting there requires a difficult hike that takes 45 to 60 minutes. You must be in reasonable form, so be warned. Many folks lamented that it wasn’t really worth the effort as I was traveling.

    The interior stone walls of the cave, which is actually a cleft and is around 100 feet in length, are covered in what is known as “cave man’s graffiti.” You’ll realize Edakkal cave is among the top things to do in Wayanad once you’ve been there.

    It’s really pretty interesting to see the odd geometric designs that humans in prehistoric periods drew, with the wheel being the most notable and striking of these. The carvings also feature human and animal forms, however it can be challenging to identify them.

    Not the cave art itself, but a natural creation called a spheroid—a solid ball of rock lodged in a mountain fissure—might be the most fascinating item to see. At the very end of the Edakkal cave, you may see it.

    Readers of this Wayanad travel guide should be aware that taking pictures with a mobile device is strictly prohibited inside, but that taking pictures with a camera is permitted if a separate ticket is purchased in addition to the entry ticket.

    An observation platform, which is really more of an open space enclosed by metal railings, is located right before the cave’s entrance. If you take a selfie, you probably won’t think it’s worth posting on Instagram because the view of the valley is fine but not spectacular from there.

    Edakkal is easily accessible via public transportation. Get on the bus to Ambalavayal from Sulthan Bathery and get off at the stop before Ambalavayal. Given that Edakkal Caves is a very popular tourist destination and that the detour is clearly designated as a route there, the bus conductor should also be able to direct you to where to get off.

    You must board a different bus that departs from Ambalavayal and travels in the direction of Edakkal after leaving the detour. Retire once again at a detour; the road there leads to a cave. From here, it will take you 10 to 15 minutes of walking to get to the mountain’s base, where the trip begins. Plan your trip accordingly because the caves’ entrance closes around five o’clock in the evening.

    Jain temple | Places to Visit in Wayanad in 2 Days

    The historic Jain Temple at Sultan Bathery is at the top of the list of places to see in Wayanad. It’s an old Jain temple that was purportedly constructed in the thirteenth century. The graceful Vijayanagara empire style is thought to have had an effect on the temple’s exquisitely built architecture.

    The town is known as Sulthan Bathery because Tipu Sultan later utilized the temple as an artillery battery there. Jain temple is unquestionably my choice as one of the attractions to see in Wayanad because of its importance to religion and history.

    Banasura Dam | Places to Visit in Wayanad in 2 Days

    The Banasura Dam is another stop on the Wayanad 2 days trip. The unique Banasura Dam, composed of soil and stones, is one of a kind, holds the distinction of being the largest earth dam in India, and is ranked second in all of Asia.

    In close proximity to the town of Padinjarathara, the Banasura dam is situated on a Kabini River tributary. Once more, from Kalpetta, travel to Padinjarathara via local bus (around 1 hour journey). To go to the dam from the town, you can take a car that will cost you about 100 rupees.

    Once at the dam, the only activity available is a speed boat trip that will take you around the lake. Unfortunately, lines can grow incredibly long and irritating. In the vicinity of the dam, there is a little children’s park where you can unwind.

    Only by actually being there can one fully appreciate the spectacular vista created by the lake and the nearby Banasura hill in the background. There are several resorts in the vicinity, but they are pricey! If you really want to take in the splendor of the natural world, plan to stay for one or two nights.

    This earthen dam is a wonderful addition to the Wayanad sightseeing because of the surrounding natural beauty of Banasura hill.

    Temple of Sree Kaliswari (near Thirunelli) | Places to Visit in Wayanad in 2 Days

    Thirunelli Temple, a historic place of devotion with distinctive Keralan architecture, is around 30 kilometers away from Mananthavady. Lord Vishnu is the temple’s presiding deity, and Thirunelli is a significant pilgrimage site in the northern Wayanad region.

    It is said that bathing in the neighboring Papanasini river will wash away your sin and release you from any karma obligations. Papanasini is a Sanskrit term that means “destroyer of sins.”

    The waterfalls at Soochipara | Places to Visit in Wayanad in 2 Days

    The Soochipara waterfalls are regarded as one of the key tourist destinations in Wayanad. The waterfall is simple to get to, and visitors can have a soak in the water there too!

    Pakshipathalam | Places to Visit in Wayanad in 2 Days

    Pakshipathalam is a bird sanctuary and a protected forest region, making it one of the best things to do in Wayanad in 2 days. There are numerous bird species that call it home. The sanctuary is situated in the 1740-meter-high Brahmagiri hills. Since the sanctuary is only 8 km away from Thirunelli, you can combine the two into a single itinerary.

    Stunning views of the Nilgiri hills, as well as passing through meadows of wild grass, crystal-clear streams, and virgin woods, make the walk worthwhile. Keep in mind that in order to go on the walk, you must obtain authorization from the forest department.

    Plan a Wayanad 2 day trip

    The very first thing you need to know before beginning your backpacking trip is that it is not a city or a town, but rather a district in northern Kerala.

    What genuine impact does it have? Well, first things first, where would you be taking the bus from? What would you actually say if you were to purchase a ticket from the conductor? Or what would you enter as a destination in the text box with autocomplete on the KSRTC/Red bus ticketing website?

    Wayanad is primarily a forested region and is located at the southernmost tip of the Deccan plateau. You can choose to stay in one of the three major towns in Wayanad: Sulthan Bathery, Mananthavady, or Kalpetta (capital of Wayanad). You can’t reasonably see everything in Wayanad in a weekend visit, so decide what you want to do or see most, then pick a base town near those attractions. That’s clear?

    Sulthan Bathery: If you want to visit Mathunga Wild Life Sanctuary, you will be staying at Sultan Bathery, which is the gateway town to Wayanad. The word “Sulthan Bathery” derives from the Arabic phrase “Sultan’s Battery,” which means “the Sultan, the King, stationed his soldiers and the ammunition.”

    Kalpetta Town: I visited both locations while I was there, however I preferred Kalpetta Town over Sulthan Bathery. Was it as a result of the little restaurant owner’s smile? No matter how far you travel, everything eventually fades from memory, leaving only the people and the bittersweet memories.

    Because this existence is a bittersweet symphony!

    The town of Mananthavady: The Thirunelli temple and Pakshipatalam Bird Sanctuary are the two main attractions in this town, which is the least visited of the three.

    Wayanad 2 day Trip Plan

    Make Kalpetta your home base unless you have specific plans to visit the Wayanad wildlife sanctuary. You may take a direct bus to Kalpetta from both Bangalore and Mysore. Even Mysore, Ooty, and Wayanad may be visited together on a same backpacking trip.

    Buses from the Kerala State Government and the Karanataka KSRTC are both available on the route. Check both websites to plan your trip and purchase tickets to Kalpetta.

    I’ve mentioned a lot of sites to see in Wayanad for two days in this travel guide. You should be able to use this to organize your journey. The monsoon, which is fantastic for hiking, is the best time of year to explore Wayanad. Alternatively, if you’re searching for a laid-back vacation in Wayanad, winter is a fantastic time to visit.


    That’s it, guys. I hope this Wayanad vacation itinerary was helpful. I made an effort to outline every detail of my own Wayanad trip from Bangalore in this travel journal.

    I advise you to develop a list of the top locations to visit in Wayanad because you need more than two days there to see everything there has to offer.

    As always, feel free to leave me a remark if you have any queries or ideas.

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