How to Reach Pondicherry from Bangalore

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How to Reach Pondicherry – Flight, Train and Bus

Reaching Pondicherry from nearby cities is very easy. To get to Pondicherry from Bangalore or Chennai you can simply take a bus or a train.

How to Reach Pondicherry by Flight

Pondicherry has an airport but the commercial flights are very limited. So unless you can hire a chartered plane or a private jet you need not bother about it.

The nearest international airport is in Chennai at a distance of around 160 km; the connectivity between the two is excellent.

How to Reach Pondicherry by Bus

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Distance between Bangalore and Pondicherry is 320 kilometers which can be easily covered in 5-6 hours by car due to good highway condition.

Distance between Chennai and Pondicherry is around 150 kilometers and there is regular bus service available between the two which takes about three hours for the distance. The bus travels through State Highway 49 (not to be confused with NH49 between Kerala and Tamilnadu), also known as East Coast Road, which itself is a very scenic journey as the road runs parallel to the Bay of Bengal.

How to Reach Pondicherry by Train


Train from Chennai to Pondicherry is not recommended as it takes longer than the bus.

From Bangalore you have multiple train options.

One of the best train between Bangalore and Pondicherry is Yesvantpur-Puducherry Weekly Express which leaves at 21:00 reaches Pondicherry 07:15 in the morning. The train starts from Yesvanthapur railway station in Bangalore. For more details of the train connectivity check here.

How to Get Around Pondicherry

Hire a gearless scooter for the day. Cost 300 INR for a day. Several rental shops on Mission Street. Take the local bus for sightseeing as the bus cover the majority of the tourist site.

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