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27 Famous Landmarks in Switzerland – that you’d love to explore

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    There are great many landmarks in Europe, and so are in Switzerland.

    Switzerland, a rustic terrain adorned with pristine beauty, is home to various landmarks that are not just a splendid blend of nature and architecture but also a testament to the country’s rich cultural heritage.

    From the snow-laden Alps to the serene Lake Geneva, the country boasts of surreal landmarks that leave visitors in awe, creating a lifetime of memories.

    1. Matterhorn


    The Matterhorn is a mountain peak in the Swiss Alps, standing at 4,478 meters tall.

    What to see or do: You can admire the breathtaking views of the Matterhorn from several different angles and locations. You can take a cable car to Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, the highest cable car station in Europe, for panoramic views.

    You can also hike in the mountains, or take a scenic train ride on the Gornergrat railway.

    Don’t miss: The scenic village of Zermatt, which is located at the base of the Matterhorn. It has charming chalets and traditional Swiss architecture, as well as a variety of restaurants and shops.

    Insider travel tips: – Try to visit during the summer months for the best chance of clear weather and good views.

    2. Jungfraujoch


    A notable mountain pass located in the heart of the Swiss Alps, at an elevation of 3,466 meters above sea level.

    What to see or do: Enjoy phenomenal views of the surrounding mountains, glaciers, and frozen lakes, breathe in the crisp air and witness the stunning landscapes.

    Get on top of the Sphinx observation deck, visit the Ice Palace exhibit with its ice carvings, and experience the Alpine Sensation multi-media display.

    Don’t miss: The cogwheel train journey from Interlaken to Jungfraujoch, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the world’s steepest and highest railway rides.

    You can also take part in various adventure activities like sledging, skiing, and hiking here.

    Insider travel tips: To dodge the crowds that form between June and August, try visiting during the offseason, between September and May, when it’s a bit less crowded and more peaceful.

    The climate here can be quite erratic, so pack suitable clothing and gear for the cold weather, wind, and snow. Additionally, make plans to spend an entire day here, as there are plenty of attractions and activities to engage in.

    3. Chateau de Chillon

    Chateau de Chillon. pic by Jorgepevet. by-nc-sa 2.0

    Chateau de Chillon, a medieval fortress and castle located on the shore of Lake Geneva in Switzerland.

    What to see or do: Explore the castle’s 25 buildings and three courtyards, including the Great Hall, Bedchamber, and Chapel. See the ancient weapons and armor on display, and learn about the castle’s history through interactive exhibits.

    Don’t miss: The underground vaults, which were used as both a prison and storage area during the castle’s heyday. The views of Lake Geneva from the castle’s terraces are also a must-see.

    Insider travel tips: Visit early in the day to avoid crowds, and consider taking a guided tour to learn even more about the castle’s fascinating history.

    After your visit, take a stroll along the lakefront promenade and enjoy the stunning alpine scenery.

    4. Lake Geneva

    Lake Geneva

    Lake Geneva is a crescent-shaped lake located on the border of Switzerland and France.

    What to see or do: Take a scenic boat ride on the lake to enjoy stunning views of the surrounding Alps and elegant waterfront mansions.

    Don’t miss: Don’t miss watching the sunset over Lake Geneva’s glittering waters, it is a breathtaking experience that’s perfect for romantic couples.

    Insider travel tips: If you’re interested in water sports like swimming, paddleboarding, and windsurfing, visit Lake Geneva during the summer months.

    5. Mount Pilatus

    Mount Pilatus

    A mountain peak in central Switzerland, near the city of Lucerne.

    What to see or do: Take a cable car or cogwheel train to the top of the mountain to enjoy stunning panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

    There are also hiking trails and a toboggan run.

    Don’t miss: The Dragon’s Path, a walkway with incredible views that leads to the summit.

    Insider travel tips: Visit on a clear day to fully appreciate the views. Consider purchasing a round-trip ticket for the cable car and cogwheel train in advance to save time.

    And don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes and bring layers as the temperature can change quickly at the summit.

    6. Rhine Falls

    Rhine Falls

    Rhine Falls is the largest waterfall in Europe, located in northern Switzerland.

    What to see or do: – Witness the incredible power of the falls from several viewing platforms.

    Don’t miss: – The spectacular nightly illumination of the falls during the summer months.

    Insider travel tips: – Visit early in the morning or in the evening to avoid the crowds and get the best views.

    7. Palace of Versailles

    Palace of Versailles. pic by HBarrison. by-nc-sa 2.0

    One of the most famous royal residences in the world, the Palace of Versailles was once the seat of power for the French monarchy.

    What to see or do: Visitors can tour the opulent state apartments, admire the Hall of Mirrors, stroll through the vast gardens, and explore the Grand Trianon and Petit Trianon.

    Don’t miss: The fountains in the gardens are a must-see, especially during the musical fountain shows that take place on weekends from April to October.

    Insider travel tips: To avoid long lines, it’s best to book tickets in advance. Audio guides are available for rent and offer a wealth of information about the palace’s history and architecture.

    The gardens are free to visit, but if you plan to attend a musical fountain show, be sure to arrive early to secure a good spot.

    8. Bernina Express

    Bernina Express

    The Bernina Express is a scenic train that takes you through the breathtaking landscape of the Swiss Alps.

    What to see or do: During the journey, you will get to witness the stunning views of glaciers, mountain passes, and deep valleys.

    The train passes through the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Rhaetian Railway and crosses the Bernina Pass, one of the highest and most picturesque Alpine passes.

    Don’t miss: Make sure to keep your camera handy as the train passes through 196 bridges, 55 tunnels, and several viaducts including the famous Landwasser Viaduct.

    The train also stops at the picturesque towns of St. Moritz and Tirano, where you can explore the local culture and cuisine.

    Insider travel tips: Book your tickets in advance to secure a seat on the panoramic carriages that offer an unobstructed view.

    9. Interlaken


    Beautiful town located in the heart of the Swiss Alps, situated between two lakes.

    What to see or do: Go hiking in the surrounding mountains, take a cable car to Harder Kulm for breathtaking views, try paragliding or skydiving, take a boat trip on Lake Thun or Lake Brienz, visit the famous Ice Palace at Jungfraujoch.

    Don’t miss: Strolling through the picturesque town center, admiring the traditional Swiss buildings and sampling local chocolates and cheeses.

    Insider travel tips: To avoid crowds, visit in the shoulder season (May-June or September-October). Consider purchasing a Swiss Travel Pass to save money on transportation and attractions.

    Don’t forget to pack warm clothing, as temperatures can drop quickly in the mountains.

    10. Grindelwald


    A picturesque village in the Swiss Alps, known for its stunning mountain views and outdoor activities.

    What to see or do: – Take the cable car to the top of the mountains for panoramic views and hiking opportunities.

    Don’t miss: – The Bachalpsee, a glacial lake that reflects the surrounding mountains in the clear water.

    Insider travel tips: – Grindelwald can get busy in peak season (July-August), so consider visiting in the shoulder season for fewer crowds.

    11. Lucerne


    Lucerne is a picturesque city located in central Switzerland, famous for its stunning lake and mountain views.

    What to see or do: Walk along the Chapel Bridge, a historic wooden walkway adorned with beautiful paintings, and visit the Water Tower for panoramic views of the city.

    Check out the Lion Monument, a somber sculpture that pays tribute to Swiss Guards who lost their lives during the French Revolution.

    Head up to Mt. Pilatus by hiking or taking a cogwheel train for breathtaking views of the surrounding Alps.

    Don’t miss: Lake Lucerne, a serenely beautiful body of water surrounded by mountains, is a must-see. Make sure to take a boat tour or a leisurely stroll along the lake’s promenade.

    Also, take a trip to the Old Town, filled with charming cobblestone streets, unique shops, and delicious restaurants.

    Insider travel tips: If you want to get an aerial view of the city, consider taking a hot air balloon ride.

    For a more off-the-beaten-path experience, visit the nearby town of Kriens to take a cable car up to the Felsenegg viewpoint for stunning panoramas without the crowds.

    Finally, plan your visit around the city’s famous Fasnacht carnival, a lively celebration with colorful parades and street parties.

    12. Engelberg-Titlis


    Engelberg-Titlis is a resort town in central Switzerland known for its skiing, snowboarding and mountaineering opportunities.

    What to see or do: The main attraction in Engelberg-Titlis is the Titlis mountain, which can be reached via the Titlis Rotair, the world’s first revolving cable car.

    Once at the top, visitors can enjoy panoramic views, take a ride on the Titlis Cliff Walk, a suspended bridge over a glacier, or try skiing or snowboarding on the glacier.

    In the summer, hiking, mountain biking, and paragliding are popular activities in the area.

    Don’t miss: The Titlis Glacier Park, which features a variety of activities for both children and adults, including sledding, tubing, and snowshoe trekking.

    Another highlight is a visit to the Engelberg Abbey, a Benedictine monastery that dates back to the 12th century.

    Insider travel tips: The best time to visit Engelberg-Titlis for skiing and snowboarding is from December to April. Be sure to bring warm clothing and footwear, as temperatures can drop below freezing.

    For the best views from the Titlis Rotair, try to visit on a clear day. Finally, don’t miss out on trying some of the local cheese, as Engelberg-Titlis is known for its delicious Alpine cheese.

    13. Lauterbrunnen Valley

    Lauterbrunnen Valley

    Lauterbrunnen Valley is a glacial valley located in the Swiss Alps, surrounded by towering mountains and cascading waterfalls.

    What to see or do: Explore the 72 thundering waterfalls, including the famous Staubbach Falls, which plunge hundreds of meters from the cliffs. Hike the trails that wind through the valley, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and glaciers.

    Take a cable car up to the top of Schilthorn Mountain for panoramic views and a James Bond experience at the famous Piz Gloria revolving restaurant.

    Don’t miss: Visiting the Trümmelbach Falls, a unique series of underground waterfalls that can be explored via a series of tunnels and pathways.

    Admiring the stunning views from the top of the Mürren Via Ferrata, an exhilarating climbing experience for those seeking a thrill.

    Insider travel tips: – Visit during the shoulder seasons of spring and autumn to avoid crowds and enjoy better weather.

    14. Lake Blausee

    Lake Blausee

    Lake Blausee is a small glacial lake located in the Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland. It is known for its crystal clear waters and beautiful surrounding nature.

    What to see or do: Visitors can enjoy a stroll around the lake and take in the breathtaking views of the water and surrounding forest. There are also trails for hiking and exploring the nearby wilderness.

    The lake offers fishing opportunities and there is a small playground for children.

    Don’t miss: The magnificent color of the lake is a must-see. The turquoise and blue hues of the water change throughout the day, creating a constantly changing picturesque scene.

    Insider travel tips:

    15. Aletsch Glacier

    Aletsch Glacier

    Aletsch Glacier is the largest glacier in the European Alps, located in the UNESCO World Heritage site of Jungfrau-Aletsch.

    What to see or do: Visitors can take a scenic cable car ride to the top of Eggishorn for breathtaking views of the glacier. Hiking trails are also available, providing an up-close look at the glacier and surrounding mountains.

    Don’t miss: Don’t miss the chance to explore the ice tunnels of the glacier or take a guided tour with experienced mountaineers.

    Insider travel tips: Beat the crowds by visiting the glacier early in the morning or later in the evening. Dress warmly and wear sturdy shoes for hiking.

    Also, be sure to bring sunscreen and plenty of water.

    16. Gruyeres Castle

    Gruyeres Castle

    A medieval castle located in the town of Gruyeres, Switzerland.

    What to see or do: Explore the castle’s various rooms and exhibits, including the armory, historical bedchambers, and art gallery. Take in the stunning views of the surrounding Swiss countryside from the castle’s ramparts.

    Don’t miss: The castle’s multimedia show, which brings to life the history and legends of Gruyeres Castle in an immersive way. Also, be sure to check out the nearby Gruyeres Village, which is known for its cheese-making traditions.

    Insider travel tips: Be sure to buy a ticket for the multimedia show in advance, as they can sell out quickly during peak seasons.

    Also, consider taking a guided tour of the castle for a more in-depth experience.

    Finally, be sure to sample some of the local cheese and chocolate in Gruyeres Village – they are not to be missed!

    17. Stein am Rhein

    Stein am Rhein

    Stein am Rhein is a small picturesque town located in the northern part of Switzerland, known for its well-preserved medieval architecture and charming cobbled streets.

    What to see or do: Stroll through the old town and admire the painted facades of the historic buildings, visit the Hohenklingen Castle to enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding area, and take a boat ride on the Rhine river to experience the town from a different perspective.

    Don’t miss: The town’s iconic Rathausplatz square, which features a beautifully decorated fountain and serves as a popular gathering place for locals and tourists alike.

    Insider travel tips: Visit Stein am Rhein during the offseason to avoid the crowds, and be sure to try the local specialty, a sweet pastry called “waggis.

    ” Additionally, many of the town’s attractions offer reduced admission prices on certain days of the week, so plan your itinerary accordingly.

    18. Einsiedeln Abbey

    Einsiedeln Abbey. pic by JeRoseL’06. by-nc-nd 2.0

    A Benedictine monastery located in the town of Einsiedeln, Switzerland.

    What to see or do: Visit the impressive baroque-style abbey church with its ornate decoration and frescoes. Take a guided tour to explore the monastery and learn about its history and significance.

    Attend one of the daily masses or Gregorian chants.

    Don’t miss: The Black Madonna statue, believed to have miraculous powers, attracts many pilgrims to Einsiedeln Abbey. The annual Corpus Christi procession, with around 30,000 participants, is a spectacular event to witness.

    Insider travel tips: Dress modestly when entering the church and monastery, and observe the rules of silence and respect for the monastic way of life.

    Try the famous Einsiedeln gingerbread, a traditional local specialty. Avoid visiting during peak times and weekends to avoid crowds.

    19. Callier Chocolate Factory

    Callier Chocolate Factory. pic by Northfielder. by 2.0

    A factory that produces exquisite Belgian chocolates and confectionery items.

    What to see or do: The factory offers guided tours of its facility, where visitors can learn about the history of chocolate, see how chocolates are made, and even get a chance to taste some of the products.

    Don’t miss: The tasting session where visitors can sample a variety of chocolates and confectionery products.

    Insider travel tips:

    20. Schilthorn


    Schilthorn is a mountain in the Bernese Alps of Switzerland, standing at 2,970 meters above sea level.

    What to see or do: Schilthorn offers panoramic views of the Swiss mountains, including Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau. Visitors can take a cable car to the top and enjoy the stunning scenery from the observation deck.

    There are also several hiking trails and a revolving restaurant, Piz Gloria, that was featured in the James Bond movie “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

    Don’t miss: Make sure to take in the breathtaking views from the observation deck, and enjoy a meal at the Piz Gloria restaurant.

    Fans of James Bond should definitely check out the Bond World exhibition at the peak, which showcases props and memorabilia from the movie.

    Insider travel tips: Get there early to avoid crowds, and wear layers as the temperature can be cooler at higher altitude. The cable car ride can be quite steep, so it’s not recommended for those with a fear of heights.

    Consider purchasing a Swiss Travel Pass for discounted access to transportation in the area.

    21. Harder Kulm

    Harder Kulm

    A mountain peak in the Swiss Alps near Interlaken, offering stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

    What to see or do: Take a funicular railway ride up to the peak and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding lakes and mountains. There are also hiking trails and a restaurant at the top.

    Don’t miss: The view from the “Two Lakes Bridge,” a glass-bottomed walkway that extends out from the peak and provides a breathtaking perspective over the Swiss Alps.

    Insider travel tips: Try to visit on a clear day for the best views, and consider purchasing a combination ticket that includes admission to other nearby attractions such as the Interlaken Boat Tours or the Lake Brienz cruise.

    Keep in mind that the funicular can get crowded during peak tourist season, so it’s best to arrive early to avoid long wait times.

    22. Bruno Weber Park

    Bruno Weber Park. pic by gali367. by-nc-sa 2.0

    What to see or do: Admire the impressive sculptures and architectural structures of mythical creatures and characters from Weber’s imagination. Take a stroll through the lush gardens and stop by the artist’s former studio.

    Don’t miss: The 27-meter-long dragon sculpture and the towering pagoda-like building known as the “Bird’s Nest.

    Insider travel tips: Check the opening hours since they vary depending on the season. Some of the sculptures are interactive, so make sure to bring a camera for some quirky photo opportunities.

    It’s also recommended to wear comfortable shoes since the park has some steep slopes.

    23. Val Ferret

    Val Ferret. pic by Mountain Spirit Bergsportschule. by 2.0

    A valley located in the Italian Alps near the borders of Switzerland and France.

    What to see or do: Enjoy stunning views of the glaciers, mountains, and forests. Go hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, or mountain biking.

    Visit the Val Ferret hamlets and discover local traditional food and drinks.

    Don’t miss: The view of the Grandes Jorasses, one of the highest peaks in the Alps. The trail to the Rifugio Bonatti, a mountain hut that offers a panoramic view.

    The Castle of Fenis, a medieval castle in the nearby Aosta Valley.

    Insider travel tips: Visit in the summer to enjoy outdoor activities and pleasant weather. Winter with its snowy landscapes is ideal for winter sports enthusiasts.

    Bring appropriate outdoor gear and clothing. Try local cheese and wine.

    24. Saanen


    A small village in the canton of Bern, Switzerland known for its luxurious ski resorts and picturesque landscapes.

    What to see or do: Ski or snowboard at nearby ski resorts including Gstaad and Rougemont, take a horse-drawn carriage ride through the village, hike or bike the surrounding mountains and valleys, visit the local cheese dairy and try traditional Swiss cheese.

    Don’t miss: The annual Menuhin Festival, a classical music festival held in July and August in honor of famous violinist Yehudi Menuhin, and the traditional Swiss architecture of the village’s chalets and buildings.

    Insider travel tips: Book accommodations well in advance as they tend to fill up quickly during peak ski season, and be sure to try the local delicacy of “rösti,” a Swiss-style potato dish often served with cheese or meat.

    25. The Jet d’Eau Geneva

    The Jet d’Eau Geneva

    A towering fountain situated in the midst of Lake Geneva.

    What to see or do: Marvel at the Jet d’Eau’s impressive height of 140 meters, and witness its graceful, arcing spray of water that contrasts sharply with the serene backdrop of the lake and surrounding mountains.

    Take a boat ride or stroll along the lake promenade for the best views.

    Don’t miss: The Jet d’Eau’s stunning night-time illumination that transforms the fountain into a colorful spectacle. The spectacle of the fountain is best seen from the Bonsecours district of Old Town Geneva.

    Insider travel tips: Bring a raincoat or an umbrella as the water spray may reach you if you are standing too close.

    Also, check the weather forecast beforehand as the fountain is often turned off in strong winds to avoid damage or injuries.

    26. Geneva Old Town

    Geneva Old Town. pic by Adam Jones, Ph.D. – Global Photo Archive. by 2.0

    Geneva’s Old Town is a charming historic district full of narrow streets, pretty squares, and charming 16th-century architecture.

    What to see or do: Promenade along the ancient cobbled streets and admire the stunning architecture and picturesque buildings.

    Don’t miss: Be sure to check out the Reformation Wall, which depicts the figures who led the protestant reformation in Europe.

    Insider travel tips: The Old Town is quite hilly, so bring comfortable walking shoes.

    27. Gstaad


    Gstaad is a luxurious and charming alpine village located in the Swiss Alps.

    What to see or do: Go skiing or snowboarding on the slopes of the Gstaad ski resort.

    Don’t miss: The annual Menuhin Festival, a world-renowned classical music festival held in the summer.

    Insider travel tips: Gstaad can be quite expensive, so be prepared to splurge on dining and accommodation.

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