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Cheap ways to travel from Colombo to Galle

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    Different ways to travel from Colombo to Galle

    You can reach Galle (pronounced as Gaul) from Colombo very easily by using either a bus or a train. You can also get to Galle from Colombo airport directly by using shuttle buses. These shuttle buses are located just outside the arrival gate.

    Travel from Colombo to Galle by Bus

    There is a continuous bus service between the two cities, and you will always find a bus waiting. Additionally, the bus option is very scenic as the bus goes on the NH1 along the coast. On the downside bus has frequent stops and as buses are primary means of transportation for the local they can get very crowded and stuffy.

    There are both air-conditioned as well as regular SLTC buses available. Though bit pricier, air-conditioned buses to Galle are much more comfortable in comparison. They are also the fastest option as many of these take the expressway.

    The travel time on between the two cities, Colombo and Galle, via the highway is 3-4 hours depending on the traffic in the Colombo city. In comparison the expressway route taken by the A/C buses takes just about an 1.5-2 hour. On the downside though you will not be able enjoy the scenic ride along the coast.

    Now, here is the tricky part the bus to Galle are not from the Fort Bus Station but from Maharagama station which further outside the Colombo City. Take bus no. 138 from the Fort Bus Station to reach Maharagama. The distance between the two is about 16 km, but due to heavy traffic during the day it may take upto an hour or more to travel between the two. The bus ticket will cost you 35 LKR.

    Travel from Colombo to Galle by Taxi

    Though it is certainly possible to take a taxi from Colombo to Galle it is certainly not economical. If you hire a Tata Nano (possibly the cheapest taxi in Colombo) it will cost you about 5000/- LKR.

    In case you decide to take a regular taxi it will cost you anywhere between 7000-8000 LKR. Though the prices are high you will end up saving lots of time. Traffic in Colombo could be notorious, so this option can come really handy if you are traveling from Galle to Colombo airport.

    Travel from Colombo to Galle by Train

    Catch the train to Galle from the Colombo Fort train station, the train to Galle typically takes 2-4 hours depending on whether you board an express train or a passenger (stop quite frequently) one.

    The train takes a mixed route, coastal as well as interior, the journey is very scenic but not as much as the bus. If the comfort, ease and time takes precedence by all means take the train. The train ticket can not be booked online, which is in a way good thing as it stops tickets from getting sold off in advance.

    Get your ticket from the booking office in the train station building. There are three classes available in the train, third class which is the cheapest would not be a comfortable option as it gets stuffy since daily travelers take it as a regular commute. A ticket in third class will cost you 100 LKR while a second class will cost somewhere around 200 LKR.

    Colombo to Galle Train Schedule

    There are several trains running between Colombo and Galle. The first train starts at 06:35 and the last train is at 18:50.

    ✓ You on Insta? 👍@triplyzer
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