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12 TOP THINGS to do in Malmö

    As a long list of best places in Malmö to see awaits you, the city will undoubtedly entice and enchant you.

    A Malmö blog is all you need to decide amongst the top things to do in Malmö.

    An itinerary of 3 days is good to see the most popular tourist attractions in Malmö. But if you can spare couple of days more that’s even better, you can take the sights more slowly. Here is a combined list of best tourist places in Malmö as well as some of the best things to do in Malmö.

    1. Øresund Bridge

    Tall and elongated, Øresund Bridge is an amazing piece of modern architecture.

    With design so unique, Øresund Bridge provides a visual treat to its visitors. For a unique perspective I recommed you to see it from water by boarding a public ferry.

    The huge bridge links the city of Malmo with the coast of Danish capital Copenhagen. This popular bridge has also featured in many a nordic noir, and Scandinavian crime show.

    Quick Facts:

    • The highlight of the place includes impressive views of the train.

    2. Turning Torso

    Turning Torso

    Turning Torso is one of the tallest structure in the skyline of Malmö.

    An icon of the city of Malmo, Turning Torso is also the tallest building in the whole nordic region.

    Visible from quite farther away, the skyscraper is an unmissable part of the city’s skyline. The enthralling ride to the top is an added bonus.

    Quick Facts:

    • This 54 floors tall structure has a height of around 190 meters.
    • The highlight of the place includes unique design consisting of a 90° twist.
    • The skyscraper is located on sea front.
    • It is Santiago Calatrava who conceptualized and turned it into a reality.

    An incredible sight, Turning Torso scores high in the list of the best things to do in Malmö.

    Address: Lilla Varvsgatan 14, 211 15 Malmö, Sweden

    3. Malmö Castle

    Malmö Castle

    Malmö Castle is an age-old fortified structure sitting on a hilltop.

    It is an important place to see because of what it represents in the annals of city’s history. Malmö Castle makes for a great sunny day activity.

    Quick Facts:

    • Built in the classic renaissance style, its highlight include exhibits on swedish history, and natural history of the region.
    • A marvel of design, it was King Christian III of Denmark who was responsible for building it.

    Address: Malmöhusvägen 6, 211 18 Malmö, Sweden

    4. St. Peter’s Church

    St. Peter’s Church

    A beautiful addition to city’s architecture, St. Peter’s Church is a pretty old church located in Malmö.

    There is so much beauty in this church, from the front facade to the interior that it’s hard to choose a favorite. It is well worth to pay a small donation, as it goes towards supporting the ongoing upkeep of this piece of history.

    Quick Facts:

    • A beautiful example of Gothic architecture style, the church holds the burials of Jørgen Kock, Mona Seilitz and Hans Christensen Sthen.

    A natural crowd puller, St. Peter’s Church is right up there in the list of best things to do in Malmö.

    Address: Göran Olsgatan 4, 211 22 Malmö, Sweden

    5. Kungsparken


    Kungsparken is a large landscaped park, an oasis of greenery, located in Malmö.

    Take a walk through this lovely park and simply enjoy the outdoors.

    On the weekends you will find Kungsparken to be full of people, doing all sort of things from walking to jogging, from sitting idly to rowing a boat. The park is wonderfully designed with features such as ponds, fountains, and gravelled paths.

    Quick Facts:

    • Spread over an area of 8.4 ha, the highlight of Kungsparken includes the scenic windmill.
    • Kungsparken was opened in 1870.

    Address: Slottsgatan 33, 211 33 Malmö, Sweden

    6. Lilla Torg

    Walking down Lilla Torg is a great way to get a feel of different architectural styles. There are numerous businesses thriving on the street – antique shops, galleries, bookshops, patisseries and more.

    Address: Lilla torg 1, 211 34 Malmö, Sweden

    7. Moderna Museet Malmö

    Moderna Museet Malmö

    If browsing through quirky art displays interests you, Moderna Museet Malmö is the one you should head to.

    The museum presents well the contemporary works of the local as well as the international artists.

    The collection is speread out amongst the art pieces belonging to quirky installations, electronic art experiences and experimental photography. The multimedia exhibits with a clever mixe of sound and light is a must watch.

    Quick Facts:

    • It is housed in an industrial building, and was opened in December 2009.
    • The highlight of the place includes artwork by andy warhol.
    • There is no entrance fee to get in contemporary art museum.

    Add it to your Malmö trip if you have time.

    Address: Ola Billgrens plats 2-4, 211 29 Malmö, Sweden

    8. Malmö City Library

    Malmö City Library

    Essentially a city library with a nice collection of books.

    Borrowing book requires you to be library’s member but you can still browse the collection. You may end your tour with an appetizing meal at the café, sitting in a lovely ambiance.

    Quick Facts:

    • The city library was opened on 12 December 1905.

    Address: Kung Oscars väg 11, 211 33 Malmö, Sweden

    9. Technology and Maritime Museum

    Technology and Maritime Museum

    Technology and Maritime Museum is a maritime museum located in the city of Malmö.

    If you are into shipbuilding and sailing you will love this museum.

    The museum showcases nautical relics in quite a unique setting. All through its interesting collection you can see the maritime history of the region coming out.

    Quick Facts:

    • The highlight of the place includes real submarine.

    If you have time, it makes for a nice addition to your Malmö trip.

    Address: Malmöhusvägen 7A, 211 18 Malmö, Sweden

    10. Malmö Stortorget

    Malmö Stortorget

    Malmö Stortorget is the central square of the city of Malmö.

    It is a part of the old town and a popular meeting point.

    11. Ribersborgsstranden


    Ribersborgsstranden is a small but beautiful beach with velvety sand and clear water.

    And if you need a bite, there are vendors around the beach. It is one of the tourist-friendly beaches, with the facilities one would need.

    Quick Facts:

    • The highlight of the place includes views of the iconic skyscraper Turning Torso as well as the Oresund bridge.

    If you have time, it makes for a nice addition to your Malmö trip.

    12. Ribersborg beach

    Ribersborg beach

    Ribersborg beach offers you a quick access to one of the finest sandy spots close to the Malmö city.

    The restaurant at the beach serve a variety of seafood. After a day of touring around Malmö, you may relax by the sweeping vistas of the sea.

    Address: Ribersborgsstigen 6, 216 13 Limhamn, Sweden

    Thanks for reading this travel blog, hope now you know plenty of must see places in Malmö. All in all, whether you are a backpacker, a solo traveler, slow traveler, a female traveler or a couple there are plenty of interesting things to do in Malmö for everyone.

    And it’s not difficult to create an itinerary that includes some of the best tourist attractions in Malmö. If you have any questions or suggestions on sightseeing in Malmö, I would love to hear them in the comments section below.

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