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Suvarnabhumi airport to don muang airport

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    How to get from Suvarnabhumi airport to Don Muang Airport

    Airport Terminal

    Bangkok is the biggest point of entry in Thailand, and there are two international airports in Bangkok – Suvarnabhumi Airport & Don Muang Airport. Don Muang, is a hub for low-cost airlines as well as Thai domestic flights. While, Suvarnabhumi is serves the more expensive airlines and is the biggest of the two airport.

    Suvarnabhumi airport – Don Muang Shuttle Bus

    There is a free shuttle bus service between the two Bangkok airports – Suvarnabhumi & Don Muang. The connectivity is fast and runs regularly. The cheapest way to travel between Suvarnabhumi airport and DMK airport is by free shuttle bus service. The shuttle bus is also the fastest as it takes the Din Daeng Expressway.

    You can easily spot the white colored shuttle bus and it has also has air-conditioning. Amenities include ample storage space for your luggage. Service is frequent and you don’t have to reserve in advance.

    Note, you can take the free shuttle bus only if you have a valid flight ticket of airline departing from the other airport.

    As for the Suvarnabhumi – Don Muang shuttle bus timing, the first shuttle bus starts at 5 AM and the last bus leaves at midnight. The entire journey takes about an hour, but it can stretch to 1.5 hours during busy time.

    Following documents are required for boarding the shuttle:
    Your passport
    Boarding pass of the last flight.
    Ticket of the connecting flight

    Shuttle bus boarding points – Suvarnabhumi Airport
    Go to the 2nd floor, gate 3 of the arrivals. Approach the nearby staff who will verify the necessary documents.

    Shuttle bus boarding points – Don Mueang Airport
    – Go to Terminal, 1st floor gate no. 6. and look for ‘shuttle bus’ sign to catch the bus.

    Dropping off points – Suvarnabhumi Airport
    The drop off point is on departures 4th Floor, gate 5 and 2nd Floor, gate 3.

    Dropping off points – Don Mueang Airport
    The drop off point is near the departures.

    Suvarnabhumi airport and Don Muang Taxi

    The distance between Suvarnabhumi Airport and DMK Airport is about 50 km. Depending on the traffic taxi transfer takes around 40 minutes to travel the distance.
    Taxi is the faster bus, take it when there is less time to your connnecting flight. The Suvarnabhumi DMK taxi fare (including toll charges) comes to about 450 Baht.

    Suvarnabhumi airport and Don Muang Shuttle Van

    The private van is the second cheapest option to travel between Suvarnabhumi airport and Don Muang. Note, boarding can be a problem if you have heavy luggage. Traveling by these private vans is quick as they go via the expressway and only cost 50 baht. The seats get filled quickly as compared to the shuttle bus and you have to wait less for the van to start your journey.

    Suvarnabhumi airport and Don Muang Shuttle Bus

    There are two bus services which run between – bus no. #554 and #555. The bus fare is 35 baht. The buses are slow as compared to the other option and you should only take it when you are not in hurry.

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