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2 Ways to get from Birmingham Airport to Telford

    2 Ways to get from Birmingham Airport to Telford

    If you are wondering how to travel from Birmingham Airport to Telford, continue reading this blog post. The distance between Birmingham Airport and Telford is 55 km. The journey from Birmingham Airport to Telford can be done by taking Train, Taxi.

    Birmingham Airport (BHX) is the official name of the Birmingham Airport.

    Birmingham Airport Transfer Guide:

    Train: journey time= 55 min
    Taxi: 90 GBP; journey time= 45 min

    Getting from Birmingham Airport to Telford by Train

    Get on Train from Birmingham International station. It is easy to get to Telford from Birmingham Airport by Train. Taking the Train is an affordable and comfortable way to go from Birmingham Airport to Telford. The connection to Telford by Train is direct.

    The Train will drop you at Telford Central. AirRail Link (free ticket) is a good option to get to the stop. mode of travel for Wales are the major service providers that offer Train services from Birmingham Airport.

    It can get real crowded in the Train so be prepared to sweat it out. You will get a chance to meet locals when you travel by Train. To get to Telford you will need about 55 min.

    This is the list of stop on the way – Birmingham New Street, Smethwick Galton Bridge, Wolverhampton.

    Getting from Birmingham Airport to Telford by Taxi

    You can easily get from Birmingham Airport to Telford by Taxi. It will take approx. 45 min to complete the journey. On this route taxi is one of the fastest way to travel. Taxi is great if you are traveling with a group.

    On the other hand, traveling by Taxi is expensive and isn’t for budget travelers. The fare comes out to be approx. 90 GBP. It’s a good idea to take a registered taxi.

    A cab ride can be a good opportunity to read the travel guide to prepare yourself.

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