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3 Ways to Get from Ha long Bay to Ninh Binh

    Both Ha Long bay and Ninh Binh are known for the amazing Krast scenery. But the difference being the two is that in the former Karst hills are located in a ocean while in the later they are set in a river landscape. Nonetheless, both are an incredible sight to behold.

    Listing down the three ways to get from Ha Long Bay to Ninh:

    1. Ha Long bay to Ninh Binh by Bus

    It is possible to travel to ninh binh by bus as there exists a direct connection!

    Getting to Bai Chay Bus Station

    First, you need to get to the main bus station of Ha long City – Bai Chay bus station. Take a mototaxi or even a local bus to Bai Chay bus station (Bến xe Bãi Cháy). The local bus to get to Bai Chay Bus station will cost you 10k VND.

    There are several buses to Ninh binh from Ha Long Bay every day, so finding one shouldn’t be a challenge. Go straight to the booking counter and ask for a ticket to Ninh Binh.

    I will suggest to arrange this one day in advance. Call up the bus station and ask for the bus timings. This way you could avoid waiting unnecessary at the bus station.

    Ha Long bay to Ninh Binh Bus Types

    There are two types of buses that go from Ha Long bay to Ninh Binh:

    i. Passenger – These buses are slow as they frequently stop to pick and drop passengers. Travel time is usually around 3-4 hours. The ticket price for Ha Long bay to Ninh Binh bus is 120k-140k Dong.

    ii. Superfast – These buses take the highway and only stop at designated stops, and hence way faster. Travel time is around 2-2.5 hours. If you take superfast service, Ha long bay to ninh binh bus fare is around 400,000 VND.

    Ha Long bay to Ninh Binh journey time

    It takes about 4-5 hours for the bus journey from Ha Long Bay to Ninh Binh

    2. Taxi from Ha Long bay to Ninh Binh

    Taxi is the fastest though little expensive option to get to Ninh Binh from Ha Long bay. The taxi will cost you around $85 USD. You can easily book the taxi from your hotel, just let the hotel staff know. If you can afford, taking a taxi is the fastest and most comfortable way to travel.

    3. Ha long Bay to Ninh Binh via Hanoi

    To get from Ha Long bay to Ninh Binh, another option is to first go to Hanoi. Since Hanoi is a major city, it is easier to find a connection to Ninh Binh from Hanoi. From Hanoi there are regular bus and train services for Ninh Binh as well as Tam Coc.

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