Getting from Ha long bay to ninh binh by bus

Getting to ninh binh from Ha Long Bay by bus is possible as there exists a direct connection. First you need to get to the main bus station of Ha long City – take a mototaxi or even a local bus to Bay Chay bus station (Bến xe Bãi Cháy). The local bus to get to Bay Chay Bus station will cost you 10k VND.

There are several buses to Ninh binh from Ha Long Bay every day, so finding one shouldn’t be a challenge. Go straight to the counter and ask for Ninh Binh. You can even

There are two types of buses:
1. Passenger – These buses are slow as they frequenty stop to pick and drop passengers. Travel time is usually around 3-4 hours. The ticket price for Ha Long bay to Ninh Binh bus is 120k-140k Dong.

2. Superfast – These buses take the highway and only stop at designated stops, and hence way faster. Travel time is around 2-2.5 hours. If you take superfast service, Ha long bay to ninh binh bus fare is around 400,000 VND.

Ha long bay to ninh binh by cab
The taxi from Halong Bay to Ninh Binh will cost around $85 USD. You can easily book the taxi to Ninh Binh in your hotel. It is the fastest and most comfortable way to travel to Ninh Binh from Ha Long Bay.

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