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The Best Hoi An Old Houses

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    Located by the river side and owned mostly by the wealthy merchant families, these old wooden houses still retain their old world charm. Interestingly, many of these houses are still inhabited by their owners.

    Here’s a list of best Ancient houses of hoi an:

    1. Tan Ky House

    Tan Ky house is the most visited of them all. You can still see the Japanese and Chinese influences on its architecture. The beautifully decorated house is about 200 years old. There are two storeys, while the ground floor is open to public, upper floor is private and is restricted to the owner only.

    In the kitchen, which is just down the coutryard, has markers for the recent floods. The top one goes all the way upto the level of the first floor. Imagine protecting the heritage house in times of such a natural disaster.

    It is located on the Nguyen Thai Hoc Street. The name Tan Ky, meaning “Progress Shop”, was given to the house by the second generation to express the owner’s wish for a prosperous business. 

    In the house, today, you can still see the remains of the huge devastation of annual floods that had hit Hoi An. Seven generations of the family had lived in this well-preserved Hoi An old house. 

    The floor is covered with Bat Trang bricks, ironwood and peck-wood The interior brings together the Vietnamese, Japanese as well as Chinese elements. 

    The highlight includes triple-beam structure (stands for heaven, earth and humans), the five round blocks (represent metal, wood, water, fire and earth – the five basic natural elements in Eastern philosophy) and several decorative carvings on the edge of the roof and furniture.

    2. Phung Hung House

    One of the top things to do in Hoi An Old Town is visiting the old house of Phung Hung. The house was constructed in the year 1780 and was declared a “National Historical and Cultural Site” in year 1993.

    Phung Hung House was originally constructed as a shop for selling spices such as cinnamon and pepper, Hoi An silk, and glassware. A section of the ground floor is used a embroidery workshop.

    The two storey house has wide facade, and 80 woodens cloumns supporting it. The base of the columns is lotus in shape, this is to avoid possible after affects of the flooding – sudden caving and moisture.

    The entrance hall of Phung Hung House is beautifully decorated with trademark Hoi An lanterns, along with wall hangings and traditional embroidery.

    The upper floor is now exclusively used for the purpose of worshipping, Thien Hau, the Holy Mother and the family’s ancestors. Phung Hung House is located on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, very close to the Japanese Covered Bridge.

    3. Quan Thang House

    The Quan Thang House is belived to be 300 years old, although the exact period cannot be confirmed with certainty. The Old house of Hoi An is built in the architecture style of Hoa Ha province of China.

    Quan Thang House was built by a wealthy captain named Quan Thang. The Quan Thang house has a small courtyard in the center around which the rooms are built.

    Highlight of Quan Thang House are the teak walls of the rooms which are decorated with beautiful carvings of peacocks and flowers. Interestingly, the current owners are still living here and the visit to The Quan Thang gives you a peek into the daily life of Hoi An family.

    Visiting Quan Thang House is truly one of the top things to do in Hoi An Ancient Town. Located on Tran Phu St, The Quan Thang House remains from 9:30 AM to 6 PM daily.

    Hoi An Ancient Town, Night Scene
    Hoi An Ancient Town, Night Scene
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