Best Books on Hampi

Best books on Hampi that you should Read

If you truly want to understand and explore the myths and mysteries of Hampi I would suggest you dig further in its history. Following are the recommended top books on Hampi:

1. A Forgotten Empire (Vijayanagar)

The defacto book on the history of Vijayanagara Empire and Hampi. It is a bestselling book on the subject, bit expensive but worth reading. Check on Amazon

2.  Hampi: Discover The Splendours of Vijayanagar. Amazon

3.  Hampi Vijayanagara. Amazon

4. Southern India: A Guide to Monuments Sites & Museums. Amazon

5. Vasundhara Filliozat (Auteur) (French). Amazon

6. Golden Boulders – Climbing Guidebook Hampi. Amazon

7. The Lost River – To further delve into India’s mythology I whole heartedly recommend the following book. The book is exploration of myths and facts that surrounds the great lost river, Saraswati. Amazon

8.  Death in the middle Kingdom – A historical Fiction on Hampi by an Indian writer – can’t vouch for it. Amazon


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