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Vittala Temple Hampi

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    The magnificent Vittala temple, one of the most prominent landmark in Hampi, was constructed in the 16th century.

    A must visit in a 3 days Hampi itinerary, Vittala Temple is one of tourist’s favorite and a recommendation of my Hampi travel guide.

    The temple distinguishes itself as a spectacular example of rich Dravidian architecture and design. The world-famous stone chariot, which was a hallmark of Hampi’s building, is housed inside the grounds of the temple.

    The temple complex encompasses a large area with numerous structures spread evenly. At the center of the vast courtyard is a remarkable stone chariot, which is framed by an elegant archway adorned with sculptures.

    In addition to the chariot, it is necessary you see the main temple, which is located close beyond it. Each of the small temples is unique and worth a visit in its own right, and the courtyard is brimming with them. The walls and pillars of these structures are adorned with depictions of various deities.

    The famous Musical Pillars of Vittala temple

    When the pillars of the temple are gently touched, they produce wonderful hums, making it one of the most aesthetically appealing structures in the complex. The astonishing architectural wonder is also known for the 56 melodic columns and each column is constructed entirely from a block of stone. They seem to produce rhytmic sounds of SAREGAMA, hence the name Musical pillars.

    Vittala temple is surely among the best places to see in hampi. Located bit away from the center of Hampi is the Vittala temple which spreads over acres of land and sits idly by the side of meandering Tungbadhra river with a backdrop of boulder hills.

    The Vittala temple was constructed in 15th century and is marvel of architecture and a testimony of building and designing skills of the Vijayanagara time period. Around the temple you’ll remains of a once fledging township, called Vittalapura.

    The entry to the temple is so long that you need to take an electric golf cart to the entrance. At the entrance you’ll buy a ticket which costs 20 INR/- for Indians and $5 for foreign nationalities. The temple opens at 8 AM and closes at 5 PM.

    The first thing you’d notice when you enter the complex is the iconic stone chariot synonymous with the name of Hampi itself. The various temple buildings are well laid out in a geometric shape.

    The buildings appear to be huge monolith but in reality the architecture is such it hides the connecting points between the massive granite blocks making the structure look like it is cut from one stone.

    The other interesting aspect is the majestic pillared halls which are made of single granite and are intricately carved. Mahamandapa (The great Mantapa) is notable for the musical pillars which were designed in a way to enhance the sound of musical instrument that played in there.

    If you are interested in further understanding of the temple architecture and the carving, I suggest you hire a local hampi Travel guide who you’d find waiting at the entrance of the Vittala temple. This way you would also help support the local economy. The guide will cost you about 150/- INR. Try not negotiate if you are traveling in a group – you can certainly afford it and the guide will not cut back and enthusiastically show your around.

    While sightseeing in hampi Vittala temple is a must place to visit!

    ✓ You on Insta? 👍@triplyzer
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