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3 days Hampi itinerary

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    Howdy! Thinking to go to Hampi, but not sure how to plan?

    Well, I got you covered amigo! Here’s my Hampi itinerary for 3 days that I used in my recent trip. This itinerary will help you see the best that Hampi has to offer. And these attractions will get you a taste of what it is like to explore an ancient kingdom!

    Follow my Hampi travel guide for a complete how-to lesson on planning your Hampi trip.

    Since the attractions are spread out in a large area, I will recommend you to hire an auto or rent a bicycle. As this is a popular travel destination, it’s easy to find the above two. I have been to this historical town several times, and every time it has surprised me with something new to see and do.

    Following is my 3 days Hampi Itinerary:

    Day 1:

    • Virupaksha Temple, Hampi
    • Hampi Bazaar
    • Vittala Temple
    • Hemakuta Hill Temple Complex
    • Achyutharaya Temple

    Day 2:

    • Ugra Narasimha
    • Royal Enclosure
    • Queen’s Bath
    • Lotus Mahal
    • Elephant Stables
    • Matanga Hill

    Day 3:

    • Monkey Temple, Anjaneya Hill
    • Anegondi
    • Sri Krishna Temple

    With a long list of tourist spots, it can be really confusing what to pick and what to skip. Here’s a complete list of the best places to visit in Hampi in 3 days:

    Day 1: Hampi itinerary for 3 days

    Virupaksha Temple – 3 Days in Hampi

    First up on travel checklist is the majestic Virupaksha temple. Virupaksha temple is the most popular of all Hampi temples. Located at a distance of around 300 m from Hampi Bus Stand, Sri Virupaksha temple, is dedicated to Shiva. The beautiful Tungabhadra River flows behind it, and temple is a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    A typical visit will last for one hour. There is no entrance fee to enter the Virupaksha temple and the temple remains open from 6 AM to 9 PM

    Hampi Bazaar – Hampi itinerary for 3 Days

    Located just next to the Hampi bus stand is the historical Hampi Bazaar. Due to its proximity to other attractions, Today, this one km long strip lies in ruins, but a walk in the evening from one end to the other end is suggested. Hampi bazaar is also known as Virupaksha Bazaar.

    A typical visit will last for 30 minutes. There is no entrance fee to enter the Hampi Bazaar and the attraction remains open all through the day.

    Vittala Temple – Hampi itinerary for 3 days

    One of the best things to do in Hampi and a must to visit attraction is the historic Vittala temple. The temple is famous for its stone chariot. Visiting Vittala temple is a must in any Hampi 3 days itinerary.

    A typical visit will last for 1.5 hour. There is an entrance fee of 10 INR for Indian nationals to enter the Vittala temple and the temple remains open from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

    Hemakuta Hill Temple Complex – 3 Days in Hampi

    The next top attraction to be added to your Hampi 3 days trip is Hemakuta hill temple complex. Hemakuta meaning golden hillock lies next to the Virupaksha  temple. Come here to watch a golden sunset over the boulder mountain tops of Hampi. The views of Virupaksha temple and Hampi Bazaar are excellent as well.

    A typical visit will last for couple of hours. There is no entrance fee to enter the temple complex and the complex remains open till 05:30 in the evening.

    Achyutharaya Temple

    Standing tall telling the story of the golden days of Hampi is the Achyutharaya Temple. The beautiful temple was constructed under the reign of King Achyuta Deva Raya. The temple is located at about 1 km from Hampi Bus Stand.

    A typical visit will last for 30 minutes. There is no entrance fee to enter the Achyutharaya temple and the temple remains till 05:30 in the evening.

    To conclude, Hampi in Three Days Trip is very much possible though you have to stick with top attractions. Also, I recommend renting a Bicycle or hiring an autorickshaw to get around Hampi. Bicycle will cost you around 100-200 INR per day. Though, it can be little challenging to cycle around as the area is hilly. But if you are reasonably fit you will be just fine.

    On the other hand hiring a tuk-tuk to go around the above mentioned attractions will cost you about 400-500. Do remember to negotiate as the tuk-tuk drivers are known to quote exorbitant prices.

    Day 2: Hampi itinerary for 3 days

    Ugra Narasimha

    Ugra Narasimha also known as Lakshmi Narasimha Temple, is a must see attraction. The largest statue in the city shows Lord Narasimha filled with rage. Narasimha is an avatar of Lord Vishnu and literally translates to half-man and half-lion.

    The lord is depicted to sit on the wrapped up coil of Seshanaga, the giant snake. The statue has the Lord sitting in Yogic position with his eyes protruding out.

    Royal Enclosure

    Though very less remains of once the majestic Royal Enclosure, it is still one of the places to visit in Hampi in 3 days. Royal Enclosure was once the seat of power of the Vijayanagra empire. The area was fortified by high walls guarding the royal court inside. Sprawls over a large area, Royal Enclosure, is a collection of the architectural ruins belonging to the royalty.

    Checkout the highlight of the area – the Mahanavami Dibba aka Dussehra Platform and King’s Audience Hall and the stepped tank.

    Queen’s Bath – Hampi 3 days itinerary

    Though it is known as Queen’s Bath, this was actually a place for the kind and queen to relax. Set in the ruins of the complex is the important aspect of royal history of Hampi. The structure is rectangular in shape with an open pond in the middle and balconies on every edge. This historical place has to be in every 3 days Hampi itinerary.

    Lotus Mahal – Hampi itinerary 3 days

    Lotus Mahal is an architectural marvel, standing majestic in all its glory even today. The Lotus like structure lends it name to the Lotus Mahal.

    The Lotus Mahal is also known as Chitragani Mahal. The entrance fees to visit it is INR 10 and temple is open on all days of week from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. If you are in Hampi for 3 days, you got to visit Lotus Mahal.

    Elephant Stables

    Elephant Stable are on of the prime tourist attraction in Hampi. Unlike the other ruins, the structure which once housed the royal elephants are still in very good shape. The long stretch of building consists of series of chambers with domes at the top.

    Elephant Stables makes for a great photo-op and a must visit in every 3 days Hampi itinerary.

    Matanga Hill

    Matanga is a tall boulder hill standing close to the center. Adding to its charm there is a small temple at the very top of the hill. Matanga Hill is famous for the sunset and sunrise views. Though it’s an easy trek uphill but it is advisable to be careful as you are highly susceptible to slip on this rocky climb. Viewing the amazing sunset from the hill top is a must do activity in a Hampi itinerary for 3 days.

    Day 3: Hampi itinerary for 3 days

    Monkey Temple, Anjaneya Hill

    Monkey Temple also known as Yantradharaka Hanuman Temple is one of the best places to visit. As the legend goes Anjaneya Hill is considered the birthplace of Lord Hanuman. The Hill is located on the Hampi island side, across the Tungabhadra river.

    The hill offers sweeping views of Hampi with the mesmerizing boulder scenery. Though the journey to the top of the hill is strenuous and one needs to be in reasonable fitness to complete the climb.

    Rest assured it’s worth it as you’ll love visiting Anjaneya hill. And I will recommend Monkey temple as a must visit attraction in a Hampi 3 days itinerary.


    Anegondi was once the capital of the Vijayanagar Empire, much before Hampi came into its own. Today, Anegondi is a small town centered around farming. The fastest way to reach to Anengondi is by crossing the Tungbhadra on a coracle boat.

    There remains a few ruins in Anegondi for you to see like fortified wall and fort gates. While in Anengondi checkout Pampa Sarovar, Rishimukh Hill and Gagan Mahal.

    Sri Krishna Temple

    One of the best places to visit in Hampi is the majestic complex of Sri Krishna Temple. The temple was constructed in 1513 AD under the reign of king Krishnadevaraya.

    The construction was to commemorate the win over the eastern kingdom of Utkala (now in Orissa). The temple is dedicated to Lord Balakrishna or Infant Krishna. The idol however is not there now and it is in display in the Chennai state museum.

    Check out for the beautiful carvings of Yalis (the mythical lion) along with the carvings of elephant balustrades. The whole area makes for a great trip for anyone interested in exploring Hampi.

    Conclusion – Places to visit in Hampi in 3 days

    Follow this travel blog as a source of ideas on Hampi tourist spots, then use these two create your own travel plan. Since the sights are sorted in prioritized order, if you are traveling for less than three days, then trim the last ones.

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