How to Reach Mysore

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How to Reach Mysore by Flight

The nearest international/ domestic airport for Mysore is in Bangalore. The distance between Bangalore airport and Mysore is 190 km. There is a direct luxury bus (Volvo A/C) service called Flybus which runs between Bangalore airport to Mysore. The comfort and the convenience comes at a price, as 750/- INR for the f;ybus ticket is quite expensive.

Book it here on the KSRTC website which is very intuitive and easy to use:

Details of Flybus on Bengaluru Airport Website

How to Reach Mysore by Train

The Mysore railway station is undoubtedly one of the most impressive railway station in India – It’s surprisingly (in a pleasant way) clean, very orderly and devoid of rush despite being an important junction. And to top it off the architecture of the building in which the station is housed is eye pleasing.

And what’s more, Mysore railway station became more awesome by making itself more accessible to the visually impaired.

If you do have some time to kill, head out to the Mysore railway museum located nearby. The mysore railway museum houses some fine Vintage locomotives and related railway artefacts.

How to Reach Mysore by Bus

Again the there are plenty of buses running between Mysore and Bangalore. Remember that from Bangalore buses to Mysore don’t originate from Majestic Bus station but instead from Mysuru satellite bus station. Good news is that the station is now connected by metro with Bangalore majestic railway and bus station, making your travel fast and easy. The KSRTC Volovo ticket will cost you 350 INR/- while the regular ticket costs around 170/- INR

Also note that unlike Bangalore Mysore has separate bus stand for local city bus and intercity bus. The KSRTC buses ply from the Suburb bus stand (also known as Central bus stand), while local buses use the City bus stand. The two bus stands are close by and you can easily get a bus connecting the two.

Get around Mysore

Bus: The best way to tread Mysore is by using local city buses which are cheap, fairly comfortable, highly reliable and quick (thanks to traffic free roads).

Uber and Ola: There are plenty of Uber and Ola cabs in Mysore, which gives you cheaper and faster option to travel anywhere within Mysore.

How to Reach Mysore from Bangalore

There are several trains (Tippu Express, Chamundi Express and Yeshvantapur-Mysore Express) daily from Mysore to Bangalore, so choose which suits best for your travel plan.

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