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Ooty Rose Garden

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    About Rose Garden in Ooty

    Ooty makes for an awesome 2 days trip from Bangalore, and the Ooty’s rose garden is a dream come for every nature lover.

    The Government Rose Garden Ooty is a major tourist destination and is amongst India’s largest rose garden. In Ooty, people from all over the county come to visit the Garden.

    Rose Garden Ooty, Walkway

    The Ooty Rose Garden is one of the most well-known in the nation because of its extensive collection of roses. Some of the greatest collections of roses in the nation may be found in this 12 acre garden.

    Rose Garden Ooty 28

    The varieties includes different kinds of Floribunda, Polyanthas, hybrid tea roses, ramblers, Yakimour, tiny roses, many more of various colours. Particularly interesting are unusually colored varieties such as green and black.

    Rose Garden Ooty 1

    These roses come from a variety of countries throughout the globe. Needless to say these roses are beautiful to look at and one needs to see them at-least once in their lifetime.

    Rose Garden Ooty3

    Travelers are even more drawn to the garden because of how well-kept it is. The garden is oozes charms, is quiet, and not crowded with people at all. The Rose Garden, truly a visual and sensory treat, is a must-see for anybody interested in flowers and gardening.

    Rose Garden Ooty, Walkway 2

    One of the best places to visit in Ooty, Rose Garden is listed in every blogger’s Ooty Travel Guide.

    Located on the garden’s hills, and set amidst the flower beds you’ll see a statue of an angel! A perfect Instagram spot!

    Checkout the viewing platform, the Nila Maadam, that provides stunning views of the whole landscape, and allows you to see for miles around.

    The rose garden also houses nurseries so that new plants can be nurtured to replace the aging rose plants.


    The rose garden is divided into several sections, of particular interest is the New garden. Other sections include Italian garden, and a Lower Garden.

    Things to do at Ooty Rose Garden

    Rose Garden Ooty, Family Trip
    • Purpose your girlfriend/ boyfriend!
    • Wonder as you go around the park admiring the stunning flowers. Or you can go on a relaxing picnic with your family or take pictures in the beautiful gardens.
    • Unleash your inner photographer to its fullest potential. Capture stunning images of the area’s natural beauty, just do not forget to charge your camera.
    • See the the fossil tree trunk.

    How to get to Ooty Rose Garden

    Rose Garden Parking Area, Ooty2
    Parking Area

    The distance between Rose Garden and City Center is around 15 km, and the most cheap mode of transit is by bus. The trip may take around 35-40 minutes.

    Or hire a private taxi to go from City Center to Rose Garden, specially if you are with family and friends.

    Ooty Rose Garden Facts

    Rose Garden Ooty 19

    Awarded the Garden of Excellence award in 2006, this garden is maintained by the Horticulture Department of Tamil Nadu. The prize was awarded in Japan in May 2006 by the World Federation of Rose Societies.

    A total of 1900 types of roses and 17k rose plants were planted when the gardens were first established.

    It has one of India’s greatest rose collections. There are 2,800 different cultivars of roses, resulting in over 20,000 different types.

    Ooty Rose Garden History

    Rose Garden Ooty 12

    At the garden, there is so much to discover; arrive on time and spend as much time as possible exploring. The ideal time to visit the site is in the early morning, since the site may get crowded towards the end of the day.

    You will find a type of rose named after the late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister C.M. Jayalalithaa!

    Dress comfortably and in comfortable shoes to make the most of your time in this location.

    It take a lot of hard work to keep these roses in immaculate condition. You are not permitted to touch the flowers, please follow the rules.

    Keep your camera charged all times since photography is permitted in the garden, and you may find lot of photo opportunities here.

    The Government Rose Garden charges a separate parking fee, and if you want to bring your camera or a video camera, you must buy a separate ticket.

    Ooty Rose Garden Season

    Rose Garden Ooty, Gazebo
    Rose Garden Ooty, Gazebo

    The best time to visit Ooty Rose Garden is May. You can still see roses in June and July but not in their full glory. I went to the in the month of July, which was far from the best time to visit Rose Garden in Ooty.

    Ooty Rose Garden Timings

    Rose Garden Ooty Map
    Rose Garden Ooty Map

    Mon-Sun: 8:30 am – 6:00 pm

    Ooty Rose Garden Entry Fee

    •  20 – Adults
    • Free – Children up to 5 years.
    •  30 – Still camera (DSLR, point & shoot)
    •  75 – Video camera

    Hot Tip/ Travel Hack: You can skip the camera fee as no one checks it. But I will still recommend you to pay for the camera fee as the money is spent to maintain this lovely garden. You can see a no. of workers working diligently in the Rose Garden. And not to mention that the pictures you get of the roses are worth much much more!

    From my camera, here are some of the best shots:

    Ooty Rose Garden Flower Show

    Rose Garden Ooty, City View
    Rose Garden Ooty, City View

    The Rose garden flower show in Ooty takes place in May. It is around the same time when the flower show in the Ooty botanical garden takes place. Perfect to combine the two trips.

    Ooty Rose Garden Images

    Here are some of the rose garden ooty images that I have captures through my lens:

    Rose Garden Ooty 26
    Rose Garden Ooty, Gazebo 2
    Rose Garden Ooty 30

    The Arboretum

    The Rose Garden in Ooty also has a wonderful arboretum that the travelers can visit and enjoy. The arboretum houses numerous exotic varieties of rose.

    The Conservatory

    Similar to arboretum there is also a conservatory located here to preserve the best of the species and do further research on the different varieties of roses.

    Rose Garden Ooty Images

    Following are some lovely pictures of Rose Garden in Ooty that I have taken:

    Rose Garden Ooty 29
    Rose Garden Ooty, With Family
    Rose Garden Ooty, With Family
    Rose Garden Ooty 27
    Rose Garden Ooty 25
    Rose Garden Ooty 24
    Rose Garden Ooty 23
    Rose Garden Ooty 22
    Rose Garden Ooty 21
    Rose Garden Ooty 20
    Rose Garden Ooty 18
    Rose Garden Ooty 15
    Rose Garden Ooty 13
    Rose Garden Ooty 10
    Rose Garden Ooty 9
    Rose Garden Ooty 8
    Rose Garden Ooty 2
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