Visual guide to Manarola, Cinque Terre

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The beautiful Manarola is the second village from La Spezia. The views of the village particularly seen from the Cinque Terre trails will leave you spell bound. While you are there don’t miss to visit the San Lorenzo church built in early 14th century.

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Manarola Map

Welcome to Manarola, Cinque Terre. Source


Manarola, all lit up

Manarola, all lit up. Source


Manarola up close.

Manarola up close. Source


Manarola cliff

Manarola cliff. Source


Savoring the Italian cuisine - Trattoria dal Billys, Manarola

Savoring the Italian cuisine. Manarola. Source


Manarola Train Station.

Manarola Train Station. Source


View from a trail to Manarola

View from a trail to Manarola. Source


The Main Street in Manarola

Bustling streets. Source


San Lorenzo. L'église du village.

San Lorenzo. L’église du village. Source


Manarola, Cinque Terre

Beautiful night view of the village. Source


Manarola, sunset views

Cliff view at Sunset in Manarola. Source


Old Italian Men.

Old Italian Men. Source


Fruit Stall

Hungry anyone? Source


Padlocks Via Dell'Amore

Padlocks as seen on Via Dell’Amore. Source



Making of Manarola. Source


The train station gallery. Manarola

The train station gallery. Manarola. Source


Corniglia & Manarola

Corniglia & Manarola in one shot. Source




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