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11 TOP THINGS to do in Trondheim

    Once you arrive here, with an incredible number of top tourist attractions in Trondheim, the city will undoubtedly entice and enchant you.

    Amble along with me as my Trondheim blog will help you find some of the top things to do in Trondheim.

    In my opinion, 3 days in Trondheim is good time to see the best that city has to offer. But if you can spare couple of days more that’s even better, you can take the sights more slowly. Let me share with you the best things to do in Trondheim and tips to make the most out of your trip.

    1. Nidaros Cathedral

    Nidaros Cathedral

    Nidaros Cathedral is a charming old Cathedral located in the city of Trondheim, Norway.

    Vistors are often pleasantly surprised by this stunning masterpiece, reminding them of the famous Notre Dame of Paris.

    The cathedral’s importance is further underscored by the presence of the tomb of the patron saint. On a regular basis, the Basilica hosts classical music and organ performances that you can hear even on the square outside.

    Quick Facts:

    • It is built in a mix of architectural styles namely Gothic architecture.
    • Nidaros Cathedral was opened in 11th century.
    • This 98 m tall structure is certainly magnificent to look at.

    Address: Kongsgårdsgata 2, 7013 Trondheim, Norway

    2. Old Town Bridge

    Quick Facts:

    • The highlight of the place includes stunning views of the colorful Trondheim cityscape.
    • The longest span of the bridge is around 8.5 m.
    • It is Carl Adolf Dahl who conceptualized and turned it into a reality.
    • come here to watch a serense sunset and then watch the city brilliantly lit up.

    Without a doubt this wonderful bridge is one amongst the top things to do in Trondheim.

    Address: Gamle bybro, 7013 Trondheim, Norway

    3. Kristiansten Fortress

    Kristiansten Fortress

    If you like to be active and explore things on your own, then make some time for Kristiansten Fortress.

    The Kristiansten Fortress has borne witness to some of the most important events of the city’s history. The fort played a pivotal role in city’s defence against the offending armies.

    Quick Facts:

    • the eastern periphery of the city.

    Address: 7015 Trondheim, Norway

    4. Munkholmen


    Munkholmen is a serene island, known for its scenic beauty, located out in the open sea.

    You will get to see some of the fantastic views of the sea.

    And to top it off, the boat trip to Munkholmen itself is really enjoyable. The beach with crystal clear water is clearly a winner.

    Quick Facts:

    • The highlight of the place includes an old monastery and fort.

    With so much to offer, no wonder Munkholmen is one of the top things to do in Trondheim.

    5. Trøndelag Folk Museum

    Trøndelag Folk Museum

    Trøndelag Folk Museum is a heritage village located on the outskirts of Trondheim.

    The idea of Trøndelag Folk Museum is to show coming generations how living in Norway was before the modern times.

    Qualified guides dressed in traditional attire will teach you about life and work in rural Norway. And when you are tired with all the walking around, visit the café where you can have a classic local cuisine.

    Quick Facts:

    • The highlight of the place includes wooden stave church – something you’d only find in Norway.
    • Trøndelag Folk Museum was opened in 1913.

    Address: Sverresborg Alle 13, 7020 Trondheim, Norway

    6. Stiftsgården

    Interesting fact, this stunning building is entirely made up of wood!

    Quick Facts:

    • The construction started in 1774 and took few years before the site was ready.
    • Spreading over an expanse of 4000 sq. m., it’s difficult to see it all in one go.
    • It is built in a mix of architectural styles namely Baroque architecture, Neoclassical architecture.
    • Stiftsgården was opened in 1778.

    Address: Munkegata 23, 7011 Trondheim, Norway

    7. Ringve Music Museum

    Ringve Music Museum

    Ringve Music Museum is a museum with unique collection situated in Trondheim.

    With a focus on music and its history, the museum boasts of an eclectic collection of musical instruments and other artefacts.

    Quick Facts:

    • Grab the audio guide on your way, it’s quite helpful.

    If you have time, it makes for a nice addition to your Trondheim trip.

    Address: Lade alle 60, 7041 Trondheim, Norway

    8. Bymarka


    Bymarka is a nature reserve, and a protected area, with a lush green jungle scenery.

    A whole world of discovery and adventure awaits you upon your visit to Bymarka.

    In winter the whole area turns into a great skiing destination including tracks for cross-country skiers.

    Start with the visitor center to help yourself get oriented. You’ll discover numerous rivers and lakes in the park accounting for a large of its area.

    9. NTNU University Museum

    Quick Facts:

    • The highlight of the place includes the medieval exhibit.
    • don’t miss the Body Worlds Vital exhibit.
    • NTNU University Museum was opened in 1926.

    Add it to your Trondheim trip if you have time.

    Address: Erling Skakkes gate 47A, 7012 Trondheim, Norway

    10. Vitensenteret i Trondheim

    Vitensenteret i Trondheim

    Exploring technology & science, Vitensenteret i Trondheim puts together the best of a museum and a learning center into one.

    You know you can indulge your curiosity with hours worth of audiovisual content. Older kids would love digital workshops letting their creativity shine through.

    Quick Facts:

    • The highlight of the place includes Northern lights show in the planetarium.
    • This whole structure that you see was the brainchild of Ole Peter Riis Høegh.

    Address: Kongens gate 1, 7011 Trondheim, Norway

    11. Trondheim Maritime Museum

    Trondheim Maritime Museum

    Trondheim Maritime Museum is a maritime museum located in the city of Trondheim.

    If you are into shipbuilding and sailing you will love this museum.

    All through its interesting collection you can see the maritime history of the region coming out. This intimate museum offers an exhibition of a range of maritime relics.

    If you have time, it makes for a nice addition to your Trondheim trip.

    Address: Kjøpmannsgata 75, 7010 Trondheim, Norway

    Thanks for reading this travel blog, hope now you know plenty of must see places in Trondheim. In this Trondheim travel blog post, I have listed not just what to see in Trondheim but also what to do.

    And it’s not difficult to create an itinerary that includes some of the best tourist attractions in Trondheim. So what are Trondheim sights to see or you have already been here? Let me know in the comments along with your tips and experiences.

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