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“How in the name of God I’d climb that?”

I was in the middle of thick forest trying to make my way through on a bike (bicycle).

I had little choice but to ascend the challenge in front of me. There was no question of going back. I dodged the Sherpa dog, I survived the narrow strip on the mountain slope, and this perhaps was my last obstacle. I was almost there, I tried to convince myself.


I picked up bike and put the backwheel on my shoulder and shouted, ‘Jai Bajrang Bali’ as I climbed up with all my might. But with my both hands engaged with the bike it was the job much more difficult than I thought it to be. Every time I ran up, I came back down the next moment.

But, somehow and just somehow with all those trial and errors I finally managed to scale the steep challenge. Perhaps, it was because with each trial I understood where I should step on and where I shouldn’t. Isn’t it what life is all about? Trying and learning from failures until you succeed? With no option of going back, no backup to fall back on to.


Slovakia, often overlooked by tourists presents a perfect opportunity for those who want to unwind in the nature. I stayed in two different Slovakian cities and in the beautiful countrysides of Low Tatras mountain, and I can absolutely vouch for the experience. Put aside the guidebooks or the reviews of the tourists whose definition of a European destination only mean grand cathedrals, overpriced museums and fancy bars & restaurants, and you’d discover hidden gems like Slovakia that you’d keep coming back to.


My hostel had an excellent location, the wooden cabin situated on a mountain slope overlooking a beautiful lake. To top it off, I was the only guy in the four bed dorm. Hell, there was no one in entire hostel. I could still feel the pine scented mountain air brushing against my nostrils as I woke up and walked around in my P.J. with a mug of coffee in my hand. Damn! In the night, I lie down and count the stars until I could no longer keep up. Can life be more idyllic?

If only I could live the rest of days in such freedom.

I rented the bike from the nearby hotel but didn’t care about about going somewhere, who needed the guidebooks or tourist itinerary when you could make your own adventure.

I rode the bike up the mountain, through an easy hiking route till I hit the main road. I biked to my heart’s content and when it was time to go back I chose a different path. I asked around and made my way through green meadows that rose up from a raging river. I cut through the hoard of grazing sheep and escape the watchdog running after me.


I stared at the steep climb in front of me unbelieving. Had I gone too far in search of adventure?

“How in the name of God I’d climb that?“

Slovakia Travel Guide Pinterest

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