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Ronda City Guide

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    Ronda Travel Guide Pinterest

    Ronda, Puente Nuevo bridge

    Ronda, Puente Nuevo bridge


    Spread over a vast plateau and overlooking a deep gorge Ronda is a wonderful city seemingly frozen in time. Located in Malaga, Spain, Ronda is a popular day trip destination for tourists looking to escape the beach town of Costa del Sol.

    Getting in Ronda

    The city is easily accessible with bus as well as train. You will find both train and bus station located nearby in Mercadillo district of the town of Ronda, a walkable distance from the center. Ronda is well connected with Madrid and Costa del Sol by regional train.

    Getting around Ronda

    The best way to see Ronda is by walk. On your way in grab a free map from the Ronda tourist Information center.

    Ronda, the town on the edge

    Ronda, the town on the edge

    Ronda Top Attractions

    Puente Nuevo

    Built over El Tajo gorge Puente Nuevo stands as the icon of Ronda. The bridge was built in the year 1793 connecting two important parts of the town, La Ciudad and Mercadillo, which represent the old and the new town respectively. While the views around from the bridge are stunning, but it is the architecture of bridge itself that is something to behold.


    Ronda - Bull fighting ring, Plaza de toros

    Ronda – Bull fighting ring, Plaza de toros

    Plaza de toros

    Plaza de toros houses one of the oldest and well regarded bull fighting ring in whole of Spain. Constructed in neoclassical architecture in the year 1785,Plaza de toros was the home of the legendary bull fighter Pedro Romero. The man revolutionized the tradition of bull fighting by starting to use red cloth and fighting on foot instead on a horseback. Also, check out the museum dedicated to the sport of bull fighting.

    Ronda, Iglesia de Santa Maria la Mayor

    Ronda, Iglesia de Santa Maria la Mayor

    Iglesia de Santa Maria la Mayor

    Also known as Church of Santa Maria la Mayor, built in Gothic style it is the main church in Ronda. The church also shows a bit of hint of Rococo and Baroque style as it was partially reconstructed after an earth quake. Furthermore, what makes it truly unique is that on close observation you can also see the remnants of Moorish style from a mosque which stood here before it was demolished. Interestingly, the church tower was a formerly a minaret.

    Old City
    Wander in the cobbled street among the old building of the town and soak yourself in traditional Flamenco music and Spanish culture. You’ll come across a number of tiny museums where you can whisk away your afternoons, and marvelous ruins from the roman times that will transport you to another time and world.

    Ronda - Alameda Del Tajo

    Ronda – Alameda Del Tajo, the lookout point

    Alameda Del Tajo
    Located quite close to the bull ring Alameda Del Tajo is a vantage point with magnificent view of the countryside around Ronda. There is a park located nearby and a promenade with tree cover where you can walk comfortably in the afternoon Sun. In particular, the orange hues during the sunset are not to be missed. The place is wheelchair friendly.

    Arab public bath

    The place, a ruin in reasonable condition, is located close to old bridge and plays a video documentary on the history of arab bath (or hammam). You can see the different rooms which were used as hot bath, cold bath and steam. There is a public bath nearby where can enjoy the stone bath, and the steam before indulging in a relaxing massage.

    Ticket price: 3 Euros

    La Casa Del Rey Moro

    This place is not for everyone as a series of 300 odd steps take you down (and then back up!) the ground close to the river. The views of gorge from the base of the rock are excellent and there is a decent restaurant nearby where you can relax for a while before beginning your journey back up.

    Please note that the steps can get wet due to rain but thankfully there is metal handrail that you can make use of.

    Ticket price: 5 Euros

    Dona Felisa Winery

    One of the wineries where you can sit and savor the delight of a plate of tapas and a glassful of wine while at the same time admire the beauty of the nature. The hostess will give you an informative tour of the winery and afterwards you can purchase the wine which imho is reasonably priced.

    Ronda Travel Guide Pinterest

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