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A4 Bus: Don Muang Airport to Khao San Road

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    While backpacking Thailand, public buses are excellent ways to get around.

    If you have just landed in Thailand and are looking for a cheap way to get from Don Muang Airport to Khao San Road, then read on this blog.

    About A4 Bus | Don Muang Airport to Khao San Road

    The A4 Bus service connects DMK Airport to Bangkok City Center. The A4 bus Bangkok is really a convenient, quick and cheap way to get to Khao San Road from DMK Airport.

    As it happened, I wanted to board the bus quick so I headed straight to the DMK airport exit as soon as I received my Thai Visa on arrival. But the problem was I wasn’t clear which bus goes from DMK airport to Khao San Road.

    Taking the bus from Bangkok airport to khao san road is simple, simply follow the instructions mentioned in this travel blog.

    I have taken the A4 DMK airport bus myself and will guide you from my own experience. I have also included the a4 Bangkok Airport bus price, timing and schedule. 

    Bus From Don Muang Airport To Khao San Road A4
    Bus From Don Muang Airport To Khao San Road A4

    The lack of public transport in Bangkok is however not entirely correct, as on the road just outside the Don Muang airport there are two bus stops on either direction.

    The challenge often is to understand the bus routes and on top of that the Thai bus conductors more often than not do not understand English. Read on, if you want the express bus from Don Muang airport to city (khao san, sanam luang area).

    Bus From Don Muang Airport To Khao San Road A4 Time Table
    Bus From Don Muang Airport To Khao San Road A4 Time Table

    The best and cheap(est) way to get from Don Muang Airport to Khao San Road is to take the a4 airport bus. This Bangkok airport bus can be taken right at the arrival gate.

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    Where to stay in Khao San Road?

    A4 Bus Details | Don Muang Airport A4 Bus

    The a4 Khao San bus runs with a half an hour frequency, so there is not much waiting time as well. The best part is that the a4 airport bus costs only 50 THB (100 INR/-)  and it takes just about 45 minutes to reach Khao San from DMK airport. The a4 bus route goes through the express way and hence the short time taken.

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    Bus From Don Muang Airport To Khao San Road A4 Route
    Bus From Don Muang Airport To Khao San Road A4 Route

    Good thing is, there is no language problem as the a4 bus directly goes to the backpacker area of Khao San.

    The a4 bus has aircon, spacious and you can easily keep your luggage. All the above facilities at a cheap rate makes this bus the best don muang airport transfer.

    The a4 bus runs from Khao San to Don Muang airport as well, so it works both ways!

    A4 Bus Stop

    There are two bus stops for the DMK Airport to Khao San Road bus, one is at Terminal 1 (Gate 6) & the other is at Terminal 2 (Gate 12).

    A4 Bus Schedule | DMK Airport to Khao San Road

    The first bus from DMK airport to Khao San is at 7 AM, while the last A4 bus is 11 PM in the night. The DMK a4 bus stops at a few places in and around Khao San Road. Depending on the distance from your hostel you can get down either at Sanam Luang, Democracy Monument or Chaktrabongse.

    Frequency: The A4 bus bangkok runs every 30 minutes. Check below the detailed route and timetable:

    A4 bus route bangkok
    • DMK Airport Bus Terminal
    • Don Mueang Terminal 1 (Floor 1 Exit 6)
    • Don Mueang Terminal 2 (Floor 1 Exit 12,14)
    • Mission Hospital, Mahanak
    • National Economic And Social Development Board
    • Wat Khae Nang Loeng
    • Thai Airways Building
    • Wat Ratcha Natda Ram
    • Satriwittaya School
    • Bang Lumphoo
    • Wat Chanasongkram – The a4 bus stop on khao san road
    • National Gallery
    • National Theater
    • Sanamluang Bus Terminal

    A4 Bus Fare | DMK Airport to Khao San Road

    The fair for DMK airport A4 bus is only 50 THB. Cheap! Tickets are sold on board and only cash is accepted.

    If you found this guide helpful, don’t forget to like it so that other travelers can also be benefited!

    PS: You can also take the bus 59 to Khao San but it doesn’t go through express way and so is terribly slow. From Don Muang bus 59 (Bus 59 route) costs about 30 Baht can be taken after you exit the airport after you come out from the right of the arrivals. I’d not recommend this though. The bus is not very frequent as well. I waited for it once for about 40 minutes and yet it didn’t show up.

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    1. Hello. I will be in Bangkok from 9 to 12 May 2018. Im a lil bit confused about what transport I should take to go back from Khaosan Road to Don Mueang Airport since my flight will be at 9 am. Im supposed to be in the airport maximum at 7 or 7.30 am. Please help.

      1. Hi Nanik, I cannot be sure if the a4 DMK airport bus runs at that time. I’d recommend you to check the schedule on the official page. And when in doubt take the cab from Khao san road to dmk airport. The cabs in bangkok are not expensive as well (should cost around 250THB or so). Cheers.

              1. Hi Sweeta, I will suggest taking the bus to Koh Samui from Khao San Road. There are several travel operators in Khao San who can arrange it at a very reasonable price as there is lot of competition. Also, the bus ride to Koh Samui from Khaosan road is very comfortable too.

      2. Hi,
        Firstly I will thank to you for so informative reply to the query asked here in this forum.Great job. Keep it up.
        I am going with my friends to Bangkok on December 2018. We are 5 persons in our group.
        We booked the hotel D&D Inn , Khao San Road , Pranakorn,Bangkok.
        I have few questions to ask about Bangkok , if you can I will be thankful to you.
        1.Which is the best way to go during early morning
        by bus , or taxi ?I am thinking about taxi as we are 5 members .
        What will be the expected taxi fare front DMK Airport to Khao San Road?

        2.Which bus stop we should stop if coming from Don Mueang Airport in A4 bus ?



        1. If you are more than 5 person take the GRAB taxi. It is just like our OLA. Get a SIM card in the DMK airport and download the GRAB app to book your cab to get around Bangkok. GRAB taxi for 5 seats should cost you around 300 Baht. Normal taxi rates are around 250 THB from DMK airport to Khao San Road. There are multiple bus stops on Khao San Road for A4 bus, check in maps and choose the one close to your hostel.

        1. Vika, glad this was of help, if so please do share on travel forums and help others. A4 bus stop is right there at the exit gate of the DMK airport. Safe travels!

      3. Hi Vidyut,

        Your information is very helpfull! We are traveling from Don Mueang to Khao san road and thinking about the A4 bus.
        But where do you pay your ticket? Is there a desk or do you pay to the driver?

      4. Any late bus services to Pattaya from Bangkok Don mueong airport as I am reaching Don mueong airport by 23-30 pm from Siem Reap airport

      5. Great and very helpful information.
        At this moment in the middle of the corona crisis there were only 6 passengers
        in the bus.There was almost no traffic on the tollway and it took us just 25 minutes.
        Thanks a lot and stay healthy

      6. Wonderful you’ve done the easy part … NOW .. where does the bus depart BACK to the Airport .. IT DONT STOP OUTSIDE THE POST OFFICE if there is no passengers for Khaosan ??

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