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Guide to Thailand’s Best Beaches

    A land of the warm sun, soft, glittering sand and crystal-clear waters, Thailand is a paradise loved by all. Known for its spectacular beaches, diverse coast and brilliant natural beauty, you will find solace in the waves that keep singing the same melody, no matter when you decide to go. In spite of tourists flooding this land, it still remains at its pristine best!

    So, if you are planning a vacation to Thailand, here is a list of the best beaches that you can consider. One better than the other, and at the same time incomparable, you will be spoilt for choice!

    Phra Nang Beach

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    Without a doubt, Phra Nang Beach is one of the most spectacular beaches in Thailand. The limestone cliffs, the emerald waters and the enthralling caves make it a must visit for most tourists. The Andaman Sea is at its best here, lapping gently against the shore and giving this part of Thailand a melody that is soothing and mesmerising.

    The activities that can be enjoyed here make it a go-to place for those looking for some adventure too!

    Donald Duck Bay

    Don’t get swayed by the name of this beach. Within the premises of a natural reserve, the stone figure that looks like the character has given this beach its amusing name. Plan a trip here during the best season to go night snorkelling. Giving you a glimpse of the interesting nightlife of the marine, you are sure to have one of the most incredible experiences here.

    Railay Beach

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    A beach responsible for making the west coast of Krabi so popular, Railay Beach is one of the most popular beaches on this coast. Frequented by tourists during the peak season, you will find the vibe here to be energetic. With a wide range of water sports and activities to indulge in, this island has been successful in alluring rock climbers from all over the world. The limestone cliffs make for an adventurous climb, while the pristine shore is relaxing and rejuvenating.

    Nai Harn Beach

    Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature at Nai Harn Beach. Another beach that may not be frequented by tourists, you will find yourself surrounded by the best artworks of nature. The turquoise waters are clear and calm, and the lush hillocks overlooking this secluded beach make this spot special. Perfect if you’re travelling with children, don’t forget to include this in your Thailand itinerary!


    Sunrise Beach

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    One of the lesser known beaches, but definitely amongst the top, Sunrise beach boasts of a 2-kilometer shoreline. Sandy beaches and clear waters make it one of the best places to enjoy snorkelling. Breathtaking marine life can be observed just off the coast, which is exhilarating, to say the least! In fact, the island of Koh Lipe is blessed with the most fascinating snorkelling sites which not only include coral reefs but also shipwrecks!

    The list is short, and in no way complete. But listing down Thailand’s best beaches too, is an impossible task. And so, these are the beaches that cannot be missed. If you are a water-person and simply delighted to be near the ocean, this list will surely interest you. So, go ahead and log onto the best travel website and create your own personalised itinerary!

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