How to get to Hanoi Airport from Hanoi Old Quarters

I traveled from Hanoi Old Quarters to Noi Bai International Airport, and here’s how you can also do so in budget. The cheapest way to get to Noi Bai Airport from Hanoi Old Quarters is by taking a public bus. But unfortunately, it is not so convenient.

Taking a Airport mini bus from Old Quarter to Noi Bai Airport

The mini bus service runs in both direction and is quite frequent. You can check the details of the Hanoi airport mini bus at . The cost of traveling from Old Quarter to Noi Bai is 40,000 Dong ( $2 U.S.). I took the mini bus to get to Hanoi Airport and I found it a perfect combination of convenience, budget and speed.

From where to take the Hanoi Airport Mini Bus? You can find the bus stop for the mini bus located opposite to the Vietnam airline office.

Local bus from Old quarters to Noi Bai Airport

The cheapest way to travel from Old Quarters to Noi Bai Airport is by the local bus service. Take the bus no. 17 which takes you to the Hanoi Airport. The bus fare is only 5000 Dong (less than $0.25 U.S.). The bus stop for bus no. 17 which goes to Hanoi Airport is at the intersection of Quan churong and Tran quang khai.

Exact address: 80, Hàng Buồm, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

Note, that the public bus will drop you in T1 terminal. If your flight is from T2 terminal of Noi Bai, take the free shuttle bus from T1. It takes about 5 minutes to the travel between the two terminals of Noi Bai airport, T1 and T2.

Taxi from Hanoi Old Quarter to Noi Bai Airport

Cheapest taxi from Old Quarter Hanoi to Noi Bai airport will cost you around $9. The taxi are easy to find and remain the fastest way to reach the Noi Bai Airport from Old Quarters. Alternatively, if you have a SIM card, you can book a GRAB or UBER to get to the Noi Bai Airport.

Where to eat in Noi Bai Airport?

All the restaurants and eateries at the Noi Bai are damn expensive. You will not even feel like you are still in Hanoi. That said, there is still a place in Noi Bai Airport which not leave a big hole in your budget. At the T2 terminal of the Noi Bai Airport the cheapest eat you will get is at the sky boss cafe, it is located before the security check. Get the cup noodles which cost about 50k dongs. You can also ask the guy at skyboss cafe, T2 terminal to make you vegetarian noodles. Remember, once you clear the security check you have to pay a minimum of $5 for your meal!

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