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Dasara Dibba, Hampi

    Inside Hampi’s Royal Enclosure, there is a unique structure, a stone platform, called Dasara Dibba.

    An essential attraction on your 3 days Hampi itinerary, Dasara Dibba is not to be missed.

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    Also called the Mahanavami Dibba, it was built by Krishnadevaraya, the king of the Vijayanagara, to celebrate his victory over Udaygiri during that time. Dasara was a celebration that the King used to have here every year to honor his people.

    Unfortunately, the Dasara Dibba now lies in complete ruins, with broken sculptures on the edges of its platform. Good thing is that UNESCO along with ASI have taken done work to protect the national legacy.

    It is common fact that Hampi attained its peak under the king Krishandeva Raya, who made Hampi as his power center.

    During the Dussehra festival, huge celebrations were held here, the king sat and saw the military march, symbolic sword fights, unarmed fights, and numerous performances by the trained animals.

    The Navaratri festivities were also very important, and were celebrated here.
    Traditionally, Navaratri was observed for 9 days in a row, and Vijaya Dasami was the last, 10th day.

    The structure is made up of three tiers of a large granite foundation. The lowest one is 40m wide, but the highest one is 24 meters in width, and the foundation is about 12 meters in length.

    It has sculptures of royal animals such as elephants and horses as well as marching soldiers, hunting, folk dancing, and so on.

    The building faces the north direction. The stone steps are are too high and one needs to be careful while climbing.

    An elephant, a horse, and other animal carvings can be seen in front of the staircase. The top can of Dibba be reached by a pair of stairs with two steps on each side.

    You will be able to see this unique monument from a higher ground. The King took a different route to get to this platform than the ordinary people.

    Apparently, the King took a different route to get to the platform than what the normal people did.

    People can go to the Dasara Dibba for free. It’s best to see it in the morning or at night when it is cooler.

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