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9 Scenic Kodaikanal View Points

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    Kodaikanal, a city in Tamil Nadu, is one of the most beautiful hill station in South India.

    There are so many places to visit in Kodaikanal but what takes the cake are the beautiful view points providing a sweeping scenic views of the natural beauty.

    Very popular among tourists, here is a list of Natural Kodaikanal View Points:

    1. Poombarai Village View Point
    2. Upper Lake View Point
    3. Moir Point
    4. Silent Valley
    5. Coaker’s Walk
    6. Pillar Rock View Point
    7. Dolphin’s Nose View Point
    8. The Green Valley View Point
    9. Dum Dum Rock View Point

    With so many view points to explore, Kodaikanal is often regarding as one of the best travel destinations in India. Now, let’s talk about each of these in greater details:

    1. Poombarai Village View Point

    Looking for a picturesque stroll through beautiful terraced fields? Welcome to Poombarai one of the stunning Kodaikanal view points.
    A visit to the Poombarai Village is a must for any nature lover. Known for producing quality garlic, Poomabrai is a little hamlet in Kodai region. With such stunning views it’s easy to lose sight of time!

    It’s elevation of 1900 meters above sea level makes it a cool destination offering stunning views of the countryside. Munch on regional specialties such as carrots and juicy berries, while appreciating nature’s majesty.

    2. Upper Lake View Point

    A vantage point from which to observe the lake, located quite close to the Kodai town is the Upper Lake View Point. It provides some of the most wonderful views of the man-made Kodai lake. Guaranteed, you’d instantly fall in love with this Kodaikanal View Point.

    The lake itself was a brainchild of Sir Vere Henry Levinge, and was completed in 1863. While there admire the contrast between the lake and the lush foliage and don’t forget to keep your camera fully charged.

    The magnificence view of the star-shaped Kodai lake is bound to take your breath away.
    When at lake, enjoy tranquil evening or indulge in activities such as cycling and boating.
    Note that there is nothing much to do in the area besides soaking in the beautiful views of the lake.

    You can get a bird’s eye view of Kodaikanal Lake and its surroundings from this vantage point. While there get a cup of locally produced tea, and enjoy the cool breeze.

    3. Moir Point

    Moir Point, situated at the beginning of a calm woodlands, offers one of the most fantastic views. It is possible to take a trip through these woods and all the way up to the gorgeous Berijam Lake.

    The site has a historical significance too. Sir Thomas Moir established the Goschen Route in early 19th century, which is commemorated by the monument at the location. The monument recognizes Moir’s achievements and efforts in developing it.

    This lovely location offers stunning views of lovely green hills and forested valleys. One of the top Kodaikanal View Points, it is little further away from the center i.e. around 10 kilometers and can be reached by public bus as well by car.

    4. Silent Valley – Kodaikanal View Points

    Kodaikanal has a number of other noteworthy tourist attractions, and one of them is Silent Valley. The Silent Valley View, located near Berijam Lake, is a popular destination for nature enthusiasts.

    If you want to soak in the great views that it offers, then the make sure to visit in early mornings or late evening.

    The point provides a superb vantage point for seeing the surrounding natural landscape.
    Once you get there you’ll find yourself staying longer than you meant in the first place!
    It is one of the most gorgeous spots in the area and is situated on the Berijam road.

    Enjoy the sight of clouds sweeping across the mountains and over the endless horizon.
    With such a stunning view at your disposal, it feels as if you’ve come to top of the world.

    5. Coaker’s Walk – Kodaikanal View Points

    There are so many things to do at this Kodaikannal View Point. A stroll along Coaker’s Walk is a must-do activity in Kodaikanal. This one-kilometer-long trail on the slopes of a mountain is one of city’s most serene sites. This paved pedestrian promenade runs around the hills on city’s southern side.
    Take a gentle walk along the kilometer long path for some of the best views of the surrounding hills.
    Don’t miss the Telescope House’s observation deck, it offers a breathtaking view over the nearby valley.

    It is also possible to see the ‘Broken Spectre’ a unique phenomenon in which your shadow is cast on the clouds!
    As the history goes, Lieutenant Coaker created this way back in 1872. The magnificent flora and fauna, and the sounds of bird chirping will add to the delight of the walk.

    6. Pillar Rock View Point

    These rocks are renowned not only for their size, but they also provide one of the most beautiful views in Kodaikanal. Three 400-foot-tall granite rocks stand close to form the Pillar Rocks. The name of the place comes from three 120-metre-tall stones that are found here.

    They are around 8 kilometers away from the center of Kodai town. The narrow site between the two pillars is known as Devil’s kitchen. Pillar Rocks is an ideal spot for relaxing and breathing the fresh mountain air. A favorite amongst tourists seeking Kodaikanal View Points, Pillar rocks is a nature’s gift.

    7. Dolphin’s Nose View Point

    Dolphin’s Nose is a popular hiking trail and a well-known adventure destination in Kodaikanal.
    Essentially, it is a gigantic boulder that protrudes from the bottom of a 2,000-meter-deep valley. The fab mountain views makes Dolphin’s Nose a must amongst the Kodaikanal View Points.

    The viewpoint is so called after a natural rock formation that resembles the nose of a dolphin.
    It is located on Upper Shola Road on the outskirts of the town of Kodaikanal. From here, it is possible to see the breathtaking Pambar Falls. You might remember this waterfall from the nostalgic 90s Liril ad, hence it is also called Liril fall.

    On a clear day with a lovely sky above, you may get a great view of the surrounding hills and valley below.
    Walking up to the end of the Dolphin’s nose and arriving at Echo Point may be an amazing experience if you’re up for it.

    8. The Green Valley View Point

    One of the most popular Kodaikanal view points, and rightly so! Apart from the views of the stunning natural vista, the site also gives an unrivaled view of the Vaigai Dam.
    The Green Valley View was also known as suicide point, because of the steep drop below.
    It is around 5-6 kilometers from city and can be reached with private vehicle.
    Come early as after noon the mist starts to form, making it tough to get a decent view.

    9. Dum Dum Rock View Point

    Thalaiyar Falls is a beautiful waterfall near Kodaikanal hill station. This is a must-see attraction because the almost 300-metre-tall or 1,000-foot-tall Thalaiyar Falls is one of India’s highest waterfalls, reaching over 1,000 feet.

    It is also known as Rat Tail Falls, though I couldn’t figure why. While there make sure you also visit the Dum Dum Rock, a wonderful observation point.

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