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Places to visit in Ooty for 2 days

    When it comes to weekend getaways from Bangalore, Ooty is a go-to spot.

    This beautiful hill station in the state of Tamilnadu is awash in nature. In Ooty, you’ll have a hard time picking which places to visit because there are so many to choose from.

    Sip fresh chai, pose for pictures in the tea garden, and take a boat ride on the serene lake while you rest in the lovely botanical gardens.

    I’d visited a number of hill stations around India, in the north, south, and east. Darjeeling, Mussorie, and Munnar are among the most popular hill stations in India, but Gangtok takes the cake.

    Your entire day in Ooty will be occupied by sightseeing because there are so many attractions to explore.

    Ooty is also a popular honeymoon destination because of its pleasant weather and stunning surroundings. I’ve gone to Ooty a few times and always fall in love with the Nilgiri ghats.

    With that in mind, here is a quick rundown of my favorite spots in Ooty for two days:

    Ooty Rose Garden

    On the list of things to do in Ooty in two days is a beautiful Rose Garden. There’s little doubt that this excursion was a highlight of our Ooty 2-day trip.

    One of the largest rose gardens in India, the garden has around 20,000 different types, making it one of the most diverse. Take a look around the park from the top of the observation platform.

    Unless the roses are in full bloom, this park is essentially a deserted one. May is the finest month to visit the rose garden. However, the rose garden can still be seen in June and July. The Rose Garden is at its most beautiful in May, with all of the roses in bloom.

    Doddabetta Tea Factory | Places to visit in Ooty for 2 days

    Get up close and personal with the process of making your favorite cup of tea by visiting a tea factory. You’ll also get to sample some delicious tea at the end of the tour!

    When you exit, you’ll find a tiny chocolate-making facility where you can watch the process of manufacturing the renowned Ooty chocolate and buy some.

    Whether you’re a tea connoisseur or not, the tea factory is a must-see in Ooty.

    Ooty Botanical Gardens

    Nature-lovers can still enjoy the Botanical Gardens, even if there are a lot of people. The park is conveniently placed in town and is properly cared for, with a total land area of about 20 acres. The park is run by the Tamilnadu Government’s Horticulture division.

    Take a stroll around the park’s perimeter in the south-east section for a truly breathtaking view of the park’s hundreds of flower kinds (with respect to the entrance). In May, the Ooty Botanical Garden’s flower exhibit is the finest time to come.

    On a 2-day trip to Ooty, the Botanical Garden is a must-see!

    Doddabetta Peak

    Doddabetta Peak (meaning “great mountain”), the tallest peak in the Nilgiri Hills, is at 2,637 meters above sea level.

    All around the top are protected forests, making it an incredibly beautiful environment. From the summit, you can see the valley in all its glory. In addition, there is a telescope house at the top with two telescopes for rent at a low price.

    You’d also agree that this breathtaking peak is one of the best sites to visit in Ooty in two days once you get there.

    The top is about a 10-kilometer drive from the Kotagiri Road, if you’re driving.

    A government bus departing from the Ooty bus stand will bring you here as an alternative. There is a 15 rupee price tag on this ticket! There is a 2.5-3-mile hike from the bus stop to the summit, but the walk is extremely nice and fun.

    Remember to grab a few selfies while you’re out in the field!

    Ooty Lake | Places to visit in Ooty for 2 days

    The serene city lake will round out your two day visit to Ooty. One of Ooty’s major attractions, it’s also my favorite.

    The 65-acre Ooty Lake is located in the heart of the town, just a few blocks from the government bus station. However, it is a two-mile walk from the bus stop to the Ooty lake’s entrance.

    Visitors to Ooty should save their money and spend it on Ooty chocolates instead of visiting the Thread Garden museum, which is located directly across the street.

    Pykara Lake and Falls

    One of Ooty’s most magnificent natural attractions, Pykara Lake, is a must-see in two days. You may find it in the small, tranquil village of Pykara and enjoy the lake and waterfalls there.

    Boating on the lake is also a possibility, although at roughly 400 rupees per person, I believe it is overpriced. Grassy meadows and waterfalls aren’t the only highlights of this picturesque spot (called shola).

    The Pykara lake is most beautiful during the monsoon, when the area is lush and green.

    Fern Hills Palace | Places to visit in Ooty for 2 days

    Are you in the mood for a brisk walk in the afternoon? Take a break from Ooty’s usual tourist attractions and explore this historic site instead. Originally a palace for the Maharaja of Mysore, the Fern Hills Palace has been converted into a heritage hotel.

    The design of the Fern hill palace was influenced by Swiss architecture and was built in the 18th century. Given its close proximity to Ooty, Fern Hill is an excellent pick for a day trip from the town.

    Ooty’s Emerald Lake

    Emerald Lake near Ooty and Coonoor is your best bet if you’re seeking for a natural environment that hasn’t been ravaged by development. The Emerald Lake can be reached from Coonoor Hill Station, as well, if you’d like to do so.

    The irony, though, is that by visiting the location, you are essentially harming its ecological.

    Nilgiri range’s Emerald Lake is a picturesque lake set in the lush hills. Silent Valley is a region roughly 25 kilometers outside of Ooty.

    In Ooty, the Emerald Lake is a must-see. The hills surrounding the lake are dotted with tea plantations. Emerald Lake’s lovely setting makes it a great place to take a picnic.

    To catch the sunrise and sunset, Emerald Lake is a must-visit. Although the forest department restricts access to the lake, you might try to work with the forest guard to gain entry.

    Even from a distance, the views are just as breathtaking as they are up close. As far as nearby lodging goes, there’s only one Redhills resort. You can also go birdwatching, cycling, or hiking with the help of the hotel.

    One of the most incredible spots to see in Ooty in two days!


    We sincerely hope that this guide to the best Ooty attractions was helpful to you. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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