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Hello travel friends! This guide to places to visit in Alleppey is written from my own experience that I had from a recent Alleppey trip. Though, I was there only for a weekend trip from Bangalore, but I fully enjoyed Alleppey in 2 days. It’s true that there are a good no. of places to see in Alleppey, but as everything is so close, you will still be able to have a very relaxed trip.

First of all, welcome to God’s own country – the fabulous natural beauty called Kerala! (little trivia – Uttarakhand, an other Indian state, is known as ‘Devbhumi’, The Adobe of the Gods). If you are looking for Sightseeing in alleppey, this blog post will help you in deciding places to visit in Alleppey.

The small town of Allepey, also known as Alappuzha is considered the undisputed queen of backwaters of Kerala. Allepey is also dubbed as the Venice of the East because of its vast network of backwater canals. The town of Allepey is situated at a distance of about 80 km from Kochi and is well connected by bus as well as by train network.

There are several places in alleppey to visit, it all depends if you are looking for places to visit in Alleppey in 1 day or 2 days.

One day trip in alleppey is possible but you have to rush, and prioritize on what to see in alleppey, Kerala. In this case taking a half day houseboat in alleppey will be an ideal choice. Other places of interest in alleppey, kerala, include the beach and the beautiful lighthouse. And that’s not it, there are also several places to see around Alleppey. The beautiful Kochi is only a short ride away!

A beautiful view of Houseboat on Kerala Backwater

A beautiful view of Houseboat on Kerala Backwater

Here is a list of places to see in Allepey as well as top things to do in Alleppey:

Backwater cruise in Alleppey

Kerala Backwater

Kerala Backwater

Why else would anyone even be in Alappuzha if not for the Alleppey Backwater tour. When it comes to taking the boat there are several options available.

Water Taxi: The cheapest is to use the water taxi, the boat which is used as public transport by the local to get around the neighboring areas. Yes! Backwater canals don’t exist just as a decorative piece in the showcase meant to wow the tourist, they are actually used as primary means of transportation by the local people. And as you will tread these canals you will find out there is a whole ecosystem built around the backwaters which drives the livelihood and daily lives of the people of Kerala. Needless to say this is best option for a solo backpacker traveling on a tight budget.

Kerala backwater - Villagers & Locals

Kerala backwater – Villagers & Locals

You can either go for a short ride on the water taxi or you can choose to go long distance to Kollam. The entire Allepey-Kollam journey by boat takes 8 hours. You can find details on the official website.

Shikara: Alternatively, you can choose to go around in backwaters by a shikara. It is meant for a small group of people (4-5) and is good for a quick couple of hour tours. The shikara for two hours for two people would cost somewhere around 800/- INR.

Note: To get a water taxi or a shikara head to Government boat jetty located on a walkable distance from the bus station. To locate the boat jetty on Google Maps search for – KSWTD Boat Jetty.

Canoe: You can also take 3-4 hours’ canoe trips which will cost you about 800/- rupees per head. This trip can be book easily with the help of your hotel or homestay.

Houseboats: The houseboats are the most luxurious option available and come with lot of bells and whistles, but these additional comforts also makes houseboats the most expensive means to explore the backwaters. You can easily hire for one day houseboat in Alleppey. The houseboat can cost up to 10,000/- INR (155 USD) or maybe more during the peak season. I think among the best things to do in Alleppey boat house is to hang your shoes and relax, enjoy your journey on the calm waters.

The Kerala backwater cruise takes you to few places to visit in alleppey houseboat, including Kuttanadu Paddy Field, Karumadikkuttan – Buddha Statue, and the sights of everyday Kerala village life.

They are an ideal choice of exploring Kerala backwaters if you are looking to unwind yourself (and unwind your wallet too) or if you are traveling in a group so that expenses could be split up. Houseboats are also the choice of the travel for couples on their honeymoon. Day trip in a houseboat, Allepey, is surely a memorable experience.

No matter which of the above you choose, these boats pass through the waterway where the annual Nehru Trophy race takes place.

Allepey beach

The beach is surely one of the best places to visit in Alleppey, Kerala. Allepey has a nice, clean beach which is ideal for an evening walk or to watch the sun go down the Arabian sea. For cheap, decent coffee and snacks just walk in to Indian Coffee House located very close to the beach.

Allepey Lighthouse

Among the list of famous tourist places in Alleppey is the amazing Lighthouse. Every time I visit a lighthouse I trip back in time (Ah, those childhood memories) feeling nostalgic of the days gone by. The Allepey lighthouse is a part of the network of lighthouses which are scattered around the Kerala coasts. There is also one lighthouse near Varkala, which is easily accessible on a gearless scooter trip. However, the Allepey lighthouse is situated right inside the city and very close to the main beach.

The Allepey lighthouse is very well maintained and looks as if it was built only yesterday. There is a beautiful garden surrounding the lighthouse with a carpet of colorful flowers and mangoes in the summer. There is also a small museum which houses has on display old lighthouse equipment. Fantastic for the lighthouse aficionados! But if you are looking for a view of the mesh of the canals you’d be disappointed as Allepey has a very thick green cover and all you see from the top are the towering Palm trees. For sure, the lighthouse is one of the top tourist places in Alleppey.

Snake Boat race or Nehru trophy boat race

Snake Boat Race, Nehru Trophy, Allepey, Kerala

Snake Boat Race, Nehru Trophy, Allepey, Kerala

Snake Boat race is one of the fun things to do in Alleppey. The famous snake boat race takes place in the month of august every year on 2nd Saturday. The snake boat race has a long tradition and has been regularly held in Allepey since its inception in the year 1952. The waterway where the race takes places can easily be viewed as it is on the route of all the backwater boats. If you are in the season, Trip to Alleppey should mandatory include the Nehru trophy race.

Official website: Nehru Trophy

I am sure, this blog post helped you in helping you decide what to see in Alleppey, kerala. As always, let me know in the comments if you have any questions or insights.

Allepey Travel Guide Pinterest


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  1. Yogi Saraswat July 31, 2017 at 7:44 am

    Beautiful post with information !!


    1. Thanks Yogi! Have you been to Allepey?


  2. Nice most. Last time, I stayed in the resort at backwaters. Always wanted to go back, now I am eager to go knowing it can be done on a budget. How are Artpacker and Blue moon for solo female travelers?


    1. Sapna, both the hostels are good, I’d recommend artpackers though, it’s very chic. For the best experience, travel in a regular passenger jetty, go somewhere near out of Allepey by boat and come back by bus. A word of caution, communication could be a challenge, as many of the locals only speak Malyalam.

      If you happen to go any time soon, do share your trip report 🙂


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