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Alleppey is a famous destination in Kerala known for it’s backwater trips. There are several options in Alleppey for backwater tour such as local transport using boats, tourist motorboats and Alleppey houseboats. You can even stay in a houseboat if you are willing to spend some money. The price for Alleppey houseboat is around 10k for a night.

Here’s a list of best hotels in Alleppey.

1. Blue Moon Beach Stay

Rating: 9.3 from 40+ reviews
Standard Family Room – U.S. $12 | ₹
Location – Close to the beach.

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8 Bed Mixed Dorm – U.S. $7 | ₹ 450
Double room – U.S. $19
Location – Close to the Allepey beach
Free Breakfast!

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3. Nanni

Bed in 6-Bed Dormitory Room – $2 | ₹ 130
Deluxe Double Room with Two Double Beds – $9 (at discounted price)
Location – Walking distance  about 10 minutes from the beach

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4. Tharangini Houseboat

Deluxe Double or Twin Room with River View – US $78 / ₹ 5100 + taxes
The boat comes with modern amenities including LED TV and A/C rooms.
You can dine in the restaurant on the boat. Parking facilities are also available.
Location: On the water within half a km from Nehru Trophy Boat Race

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